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11 November 2004, 06:03 PM
I am working on a Tutorial, where i want to change the properties of a Parent-Polymesh-Grid, so that the Children have the same properties.
The Children are even Clones so normally no need to Parent them.(or?)
But when parented and Us and Vs are added or Polygons extruded to the Parent-Polymesh-Grid it do not applie to the children? Why?

One more question :)

Is it possible to select i.e. Polygons on a Parent and the selection also applies on the Children? (but modify the Children in other ways)

I am using XSI EXP for Half-Life 2 (v3.5)

I'm sorry for my bad english writing-skill.(Also speaking i guess)

THX for help
bye bye

11 November 2004, 10:09 PM
Ok, you've got a lot of things going on here, and I don't want you to get confused.

First off - Parenting. Children objects don't automatically inherit changes or selections made to a parent. In general, this relationship is used for inheriting transformations. However, in XSI you can apply properties and operations(materials, deformations, lattices, texture projections, etc...) to an object in Branch Mode. You middle click an object to select it in Branch mode. Things applied in branch mode will be inherited by the children. This is pretty much the same idea as applying a property to a Group - the 'children' of the group inherit. Keep in mind when modeling, this inheriting doesn't apply to topology changes - ie, pulling points or extruding faces - just deformers.

Second off - Cloning. You can almost think of clones inheriting all the things that a Child doesn't - it inherits all the topology changes. In fact, you can think of the clone as it's own object, except that at the very base of it's construction history is whatever the master's current shape is. Change the master, the clones change to match. But pull some points on the clone, and those changes are made on top of the master's output.

What it sounds like you're looking for is Instances - instances have no geometry of their own - all they really have is Transformation information. They inherit all materials, geometry, texture projections, etc, from the master. You can't make changes on top of the instance, like you can with clones. And in the case of instances, you can only create an instance of Model(special term in XSI).

Hope that helps,

11 November 2004, 04:53 PM
Thank you very much!!!
It explain the differences between the diffrent duplicate modes for me, again > Thank you.

bye bye

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