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11 November 2004, 10:44 AM

just a quick review of the cgi festival held up in leeds in the u.k which i went to with my students on wednasday this week.

as i'm a new user of xsi and come from max/lightwave i spent most of my time there in the xsi stand [i was the chap with the turbosquid top and camcorder]

the chap demo'ing xsi [didn't catch his name] was really impressive and made xsi look simple to use and very powerful showing off rigging, modeling, rendering and special fx such as particles, rigid bodies etc also some animation mixing with a character plus some cel shade render scenes from appleseed...i like the style of demo which was informal and not a rigid demo..he invited questions and then showed how to in xsi from what was asked which is pretty good as nearly all other 3d exhibitors were doing "canned" demos...and we didn't catch him out either!

even with just 90mins of demoing on my camcorder i have a great impression of just how powerful and open xsi is in it's approach to workflow in a real production...pretty good stuff really.

maxon stand was all but deserted...there was a demo running but people seemed to pass it by...not sure why as cinema is a good app..maybe it was it's lack of a high profile in the film/game industry...not sure

discreet stand was running their demo's as usual with max 7 and combustion 3...i didn't get to see/film too much on the stand as i was at the xsi stand much more but i found it interesting to note that they did give over alot of time to standard rigs for character rather than showcase "biped" [character studio] which is finally included in 3dsmax 7..also some of their demo's seemed to be going over old ground from max 4 capabilities with the same tools but now wrapped in machine code and not a maxscript which speeds up the responsiveness of the tools on some things.

maya...didn't have a demo stand...their was an exhibitor with maya but no demo guy's showing it off...

lightwave was not at the show...

their was a live mo cap demo running throughout the day which was pretty impressive so see a 3d character following the mo cap actress "live" gotta love mo cap!

a.r.t was in attendance with their render drive..

arrdvaaark swift were their for game recruitment

there were also some "payfor" [20] talks by industry people in other parts of the show..didn't have chance to see that though...

the show itself felt very small in comparison to digital media world in 2000 down in london..not sure if that's because of the leeds location ...there's a london cgi festival in december 2004...maybe maya and lightwave will turn up for that one...though maya's dec3 is very close to that date

so xsi was strong and so was 3dsmax 7...xsi seems to be really "going for it" and making great headway into expanding their userbase...looked good and most of my student's who went with me were very impressed with what was shown and how simple it looked to do.



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