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11 November 2004, 04:53 AM
I found an interesting blog online
was curious what people here thought about it

11 November 2004, 06:14 AM
What other people think. (

11 November 2004, 06:28 AM
Well what can I say but I have heard horror stories from EA so when ever I get a mail for EA I just kindly back away from it. I am still new in this industry… very new… Released two games UT2K4 and TO/Assault on terror. But one thing that has surprised me is the amount of pay people expect you to earn for all these 10+ hours work days. A company about a month contacted. A very nice company, the type of company that I would love to work with. The position of Level Artist was offered to me and I was all excited. The benefits sounded great the whole royalty percentage sounded fair but when it got to the pay it was damn criminal. Fact is if you can survive with the pay given and I mean survive not live… Survive as in meals everyday and a roof to sleep under… It is not worth the trouble. In fact because of place I would move in to would be expensive since it was a pretty big city… With the pay offered I would be living on each check every month and have no amount of savings for anything else. My whole idea of this company plummeted down the drain. Good company great games and talented, but the pay I was being offered was really bad. Now I am not expecting a lot but I am expecting pay enough so I can plan for my future not to be in the same apartment for 5 years or more.

Thing is I know a few people who are in different art fields like graphic design for magazine illustration and those people get paid more and have normal banker hours with very little crunch time but get paid well.

The problem exist with the amount of hobbyist in the gaming industry that have managed to get top positions at times and well just general people who have not studied art in respectable art school of sorts. This is starting to change and I welcome this change because at the end it will make this industry stronger and smarter.

You also see a lot of younger people being hired. This a profession for a lot of young people and I hate to generalize but many young people know nothing about law and violations like these (Im 22 and I have had my own little mistakes, though I have been fortunate to find cool people on my path). Young people are also easier to sway in most times. And when one of the young people go against something and start asking for more they are tagged as a violator and dissolved later on. A lot of ethical issues in the gaming industry right now. A lot of horror stories indeed and this is freighting.

The hours issue is wrong medically speaking and sooner or later somebody is going to stand up and stop all this industry stupidity going on any further. I find it funny hearing people that they work 12 hour days for 4+ months and make it seem like a good thing… like it something to be proud of...Like an honer badge. I know that when I finished UT2K4 and went back to Jersey since that was only a contract job for a year I had countless nightmares and had to re adjust again to normal life. for like 2+ months I could not sleep in normal hours. I had days that I could just not sleep at all… tired like hell but could not sleep because of all the backlash information going through my head. Thing is crunch times are damn hard on your body, mentally mostly and that is what is most frightening at the end. It takes time for you body to re adjust again from a big project like this. In some cases a whole month should be given for breaks. It is not like the gaming industry is not making loads of hard cash hell it is getting more money than the movie industry.

With very little experience and from logical comparison to people with the same professional skill in other industries the gaming industry does not treat the employees like other professions do as in quality of living and with far less pay.


Oh yeah do not let a boss take advantage of you. Look at it this way...

They can not just hire another artist and quickly expect that artist to be on the groove on that game 100% the first day he steps in… It takes around a month to be in the groove of things. So your job is secure pretty much for that reason if you do not defend your own rights nobody will and this kind of thing will keep on going. I have had to defend my own rights on both games to a slight degree and at the end the fact is the company needs me more than I need them. If what you ask for is within reason it will be given quite easily. You say hey I do not have the guts to face my boss blah blah blah. It is damn true it is hard to face your boss lol but you have to do it. It is even harder to face your boss if he is a friend. His/her job is to get more production from his/her employees without conflict and he/she has in his/her budget aside if conflict arises.

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