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11 November 2004, 09:16 PM
Paulo Guimar„es has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

11 November 2004, 12:32 PM
Hello, for all, before I want to inform that my English is terrible, for that I am using a translating software, if it is a little confused they forgive me.

Concept - When the planet earth burned in fires, a place existed in the space where small very close planets, went sheltering several wandering colonies. Those people politically and culturally they didn't understand each other, what caused a lot of wars in this area. But as every alive organism they had something in common: he/she waters her, that of the 18 planets, only 3 had the precious liquid, that provoked many conflicts and many lower. Zordan, Yarok and Xirtah the planets of the water inhabited by Draconians and Anfibilis, the conquerors of the area and older, they chose the ideal planets for his/her survival and they also understood each other politically. When the other races arrived, Draconians and Anfibilis had already lost his/her technology of space domain, and his/her 8th generation lived from a simple way to the cultivation of plants and small animals for feeding. He/she always exists the powerful ones, then Mascnu banished people of other galaxies arrived to the 7th planet, and his/her warlike might was enough to provoke the almost total extinction of Draconians and Anfibilis for the reason of the conquest of the water. But an Anfibilis did what would be imaginable: it totally contaminated the waters of the planets with a genetic alteration of algae and terrestrial plants that he/she spread quickly among the 3 planets. Ok, they didn't have more the power of the waters but they had the secret of the total immunity to the beings that drank those waters. Yes! there was the contamination but there was the solution...
The people became separated, Booranks and Detonians ordered weapons, war equipments and soldiers, in change they had the antidote. To Mascnu the attack fit. This is the cene that I will show: A moment of this battle....

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