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11-04-2004, 04:01 AM
Aaron B. Murray has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

11-04-2004, 04:34 AM we go. Just wanted to reserve my spot...I'll have some stuff up ASAP.

11-09-2004, 08:53 PM
My 'pitch', as it were:

A Grand Space Opera in the style of BUCK ROGERS, FLASH GORDON, and JOHN CARTER OF

We roll with the grand idea of the stranger in a strange land - that of the man out
of his element. Through him, we relate to and learn about the world around him.
Hopefully we also learn a little about ourselves, too. Not unlike PLANET OF THE APES.

Astronaut JOHN HUNTER is one of the famed Mercury astronauts - NASA and America's
shining beacons for hope in the dark early days of the Space Race.

HE IS LOST in a bizarre space-travel accident while attempting to be the first man to
orbit the Earth. Both he and his capsule disappear completely, leaving no trace

Historically speaking, John Glenn - the first man to orbit the Earth - witnessed an
unexplained phenomenon during his flight. He saw, through his viewport, a small cloud
of golden, glowing objects - a sort of "faerie dust", if you will. This unexplained
incident is the basis for John Hunter's fictional travel across the cosmos.

Hunter is swept across both time and space to a world he neither knows nor recognizes.
He emerges from his damaged Mercury capsule the first Earth man to be truly known as
"alien". He sees a world - no, a galaxy - around him that no Man has ever experienced
before. Architecture, technology, transportation, and lifeforms abound that boggle
the senses.

THIS is the world of John Hunter. And this is his story.

Time passes - some number of years - and we find that Hunter has managed to install
himself into the culture. He communicates somewhat well with the society around him -
he has picked up their "standard" language rather well. He has learned about, and
lived under, the oppressive regime that rules most of this galaxy. The rulers of this
world have developed some sort of a Fascist Theocracy that attempts to control every
aspect of life.

Every commercial and industrial interest is controlled. As is the military. There
are no choices - the State religion is mandatory. And that is not as much a religion
as it is merely a required worship of the Leader. The Leader, not unlike the Egyptian
pharohs, sees himself as a Living God - far above all the mortals in his dominion.

As in any large empire, the level of influence is considerably less towards the edges
of the sphere of influence. Luckily, Hunter crashed and has spent the last several
years in a colony on the outskirts of State influence.

Situations change, however, and John Hunter's world is again turned upside down.
He is cast into the middle of the war that will decide this civilization's fate. He
will either save it - or destroy it.

OKAY - derivative as all hell - but what in the SPACE OPERA genre isn't? I've had some of these ideas bouncing around for a while - so it's a lot of fun to get them down on paper and wrestle with them.

SOME BASIC IDEAS - I'm wanting the STATE - just a placeholder name - to invoke thoughts of 1984. Think...BRAZIL. Think...complete and total oppression. BUT this time with the theocracy twist.

Looks wise I'm wanting a quasi-fantasy look. Not quite hard Sci-Fi...but a little along the lines of the old Frazetta JOHN CARTER OF MARS STUFF. Anyone else see the old War of the Worlds Marvel comics? The KILLRAVEN stuff that came out of that was really neat.

I want the heroes to have a more organic look about them - their armor, weapons, transportation, and so on. I want to contrast with the colder, more linear and harsh look of the State.

More soon.

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