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10 October 2004, 10:40 PM
hey all, new project & strangely it's not a samurai (or ninja... etc). this is an attempt to lower my poly counts & shrink my texture maps. the character is inspired by the gigas from ff11, but i don't want to make a carbon copy. it's 1988 triangles with (right now) 1 512x512 color map.
still in the middle of texturing at this point. i want to get in there, blend the lights & darks better & add a lot more grime & dirt to him. i might toy with the colors some. maybe some tattoos or patterns, or heck... he's certainly not the cleanest guy you'll meet, throw some moss on him lol planning on doing an alpha map, might do a big ass club, but i'm not sure yet. what do you guys think?


10 October 2004, 01:43 AM
I would expand the chest area for a kick off. He's almost got an hour glass figure at the moment, with the narrowness of the rib cage area. The top of the arm at the shoulder area looks strange at the back, again, a bit too narrow i'd say. I think the feet also need better shape definition. For a beast of this size, he's got tiny feet. I'd bulk the feet up to balance the weight of the upper half of the model. I know it's fairly low poly, but i think the sharp jutting edges of the arm muscles looks too extreme. Maybe give less emphasis on trying to define muscles with the mesh if there's not enough polys to do it well, and put some of that kind of detail in via the texture. I remember an amazing model by zdead which was a big bulky character not unlike this, and i think he'd used about 1200 triangles to build it. It's still 'poly for poly' one of my favourite models. You can get a look at it here....

There's not much point giving crits on the texture since it's only started. It does look very vague and a bit bland at this point though. Its amazing the kind of detail you can fit into a 512 texture.

Should turn out to be a good model though.

10 October 2004, 03:37 AM
you could do a lot to lose the hourgalss shape if you include that big wad of muscle that extends from the back of your shoulder down to mid-way down the rib cage (shown in blue). At the moment, it also look like there's a big space between his pecs and his chin with absolutely nothing in it -this I think you need to fill, with great bloody neck muscles or something. I'd also suggest you tone down the tricep's sticking-out-ness from the back of the arm, and make him some bigger feet. I'm loving the face- you've nailed the teeth, eyes, and nose, methinks.

10 October 2004, 07:21 PM
Thanks, Rampant & Dyrn. I kind of liked the awkwardness of the 'hourglass', but i certaintly see what you mean, so i widened him a bit in there. also made his arms less jagged, i definitely see what you mean in there! a lot of difference, that made. as for the feet, i made them a little larger, but on the same token i kind of liked the dainty little feet. did shape them better though. and as for the neck muscles, the uvs are a little weird in the way that area is so i'll keep messing with it, but i'll certainly add more definition in there. thanks for the face comments.
oh, and thanks rampant, i forgot that guy's name & was looking for his site a while ago!
i'd post updates, but i'm away from my computer until this evening. thanks though, guys!

the rookie
11 November 2004, 08:08 AM
This is pretty dope, and I like the character design, I think there's only one area that needs touch up, and that's probley the latimas' dorsi muscle near the rib cage and the arm ( if I got that right) I have been dealing with some issues on modeling and texturing, but I like how you applied the texture, especially with a 512 x 512 texture map, this is actually the texture limit size allowed for the game engine ( Using the Maya Exporter) that I'm using, and it's really encouraging to see what can be done with that particular size, and the information you provided with it, helps a whole lot, Thank's keep up the dope work, and nice poly count too :D!!

11 November 2004, 04:15 PM

thanks, rookie. i already touched that up per dyrn & rampant's advice. i'm not too thrilled with the texturing but it is looking up a bit. thanks

i widened his torso some up around his chest. also messed with the natural position of his arms. the details i added brought him to 2000 triangles exactly. i added countershading to his texture, just to see what people thought about it. i think it's a little interesting, but i'm not sure if it should just blend like that. any suggestions? right now there are a few uv wrangling issues, but i'm starting to like what i'm getting with it. i still have to texture the collarbones right now & add better detail to the loincloth (not to mention dirt & things to his skin).


11 November 2004, 06:20 PM

It's looking better. But I can't help thinking that the upper body could still do with re-shaping. The shoulders and muscles still look really jagged. I think you might be trying to make them too bulky and they're coming out really angular because of the low poly nature of the model. I still think he needs a bigger, slightly more prominant chest and gut aswell.

I'd also start getting much more adventurous with the texture. It seems like you're taking a really softly softly approach, and the resulting effect is just a wishy washy blend of greens. I'd establish more shading and muscle definition, and overlay some rough textures, maybe from photos and such like.

I hope you don't mind, I did a quick paint over of your model to show what I mean with the shape of the arms/shoulders/chest, and also with the amping up of the texture. It's pretty crude, but just a quick throw together to give an idea. Obviously a low poly mesh can't totally describe smooth contours, like with the arms, but I still think the jagged edges could be reduced quite a bit.

11 November 2004, 07:18 PM
I do however think the feet are a bit tiny to properly support an orge of that size. Feet are used to ballance characters and one that is this top heavy would have a hard time keeping on his feet with them that small. Making the feet bigger would also help ballance out the model.

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