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10 October 2004, 10:28 PM
hey people, long time no see, etc etc :)

Anyway, cut to the chase, i've been working on a big job for a BIG client (a client that I can't talk about, which is a pain...) and, luckily, I'd just finished rendering 11 still visuals and was getting ready to set a camera to render an animation of the job when LW crashed, ok, fine, it happens. Re-started the pc and tried to reload the scene but I keep getting the "Object Loading Failed" message and no objects load, when trying to load the model in Modeller I just get the "Error Reading File..." message and, yet again, nothing, i'm in schtuck!!! Anyone got any ideas? at least I got the stills off but I really needed the anim, and will need both the model and scene in the not too distant future, bugger!!
specs: LW7.5c, WinXP-Pro, dual 3gig Xeon, Quadro 980, 2 gig ram etc etc...

oh, and i'm out of coffee, too.. :D:D:D

ok, ok, i know, i should've backed up more often, too...

10 October 2004, 10:47 PM
If you were using the HUB, a copy of the object should exist in the temporary folders. :)

10 October 2004, 10:48 PM
So sorry to hear what you're going through.

Iím no technician. This is just a thought. Have you tried uninstalling Lightwave then reinstall it again. The problem may not be with your files (fingers crossed). I get the same error messages when I double click my files and Windows automatically opens Lightwave. I canít seem to rectify that problem on my PC. But if I open Lightwave first and open files through Lightwave itself, everything is fine.

Itís possible the crash has messed around with your current installation and not your precious files.

Good luck. Hope it all works out for you.

10 October 2004, 10:58 PM
If you were using the HUB, a copy of the object should exist in the temporary folders. :)
ah, but wouldn't the fact that I had to re-start the pc wipe the temp files? not sure, but i'll have a look, failing that I might as well try re-installing LW, nothing to lose!!
cheers guys!! :)

10 October 2004, 11:10 PM
woo, cheers guys, a version of the model from 3 hours ago was still in the temp file, so after re-naming that the scene file recognised it and i have everything back in working order! woohoo!! :) never realised the temp file held stuff even after a re-start, doh!! anyway, on into the small hours I go!! Still with no coffee, though :D:D:D

10 October 2004, 11:12 PM
I don't think re-installing LW will help in this case. If all your scenes wouldn't load I would suggest that, but this is only one scene. I think it has to do with the scene file. Try and open it up in notepad and see if you don't find anything suspicuous. Like multiple master plug in entries (new scene editor) or corrupted text. A copy of the scene file is saved (and not erased in your temp directory (don't remember the correct path right now but you'll find it easily).

edit - glad you got it fixed.

10 October 2004, 11:20 PM
It sounds like you had a crash in the middle of saving all your objects from layout, which happens a lot when working with many objects or many images in your scene. The object that was saved just the moment Layout crashed may have been corrupted: check the may be smaller then expected !!! If that IS the case you should indeed check your "settings/lwhub" directory for backups of your objects. Otherwise this advise:

I have an Iomega 35G/90G Compressed removable harddrive system connected which automatically incrementaly backups my complete system twice a day; once in two weeks it does a complete backup and starts the cycle again. Important is that I have the same backup cycle - but starting with a full backup one week later - on a LaCie 1T Biggerdisk, which also backups the rendered frames from my renderfarm. When I leave site I can take the tiny Iomega backups with me and the Lacie still does backups of everything that changes when I'm gone. I have been working almost 20 years in this business and finally I'm comfortable and satisfied with my backup needs, especially when you make lots of GB data per day...

10 October 2004, 06:31 AM
I hope you now know why incremental saving and keeping backups is important :)

10 October 2004, 06:59 AM
This thread reminds me. I had better backup my recent work in case my computer blows up or something similar. :)

10 October 2004, 08:41 AM
I hope you now know why incremental saving and keeping backups is important :) yep, i know, that was one heck of a way to wake me up to it, though, hehe :D

12 December 2004, 03:57 PM
How do you recover something from the hub?


12 December 2004, 04:44 PM
Found and is good again.


12 December 2004, 04:47 PM
did you get my email?

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