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10 October 2004, 04:14 PM
Hi all, New to the board, and first time post!!! Thanks in advance for any feedback!

I am doing an interior rendering of an auditoruium I feel that my lighting is ok, however feedback would be appreciated!!! The main problem i have is that it is difficult to see (or pop out) the individual members of what will be wood on the left and right side of the screen. Espescially on the left side. the ceiling seems to be going ok in terms of being able to read striations.

The beams of wood are 2" thick running across the length of the space, and the space is quite large approximately 60' by 90'. I am also going to have serious issues with reading the wood as seperate pieces without maping each member, which is insanity. I will do this if i have to, but there must be a more clever way. Suggestions here are much needed! The overall goal is just to see the surface undulation through the members of wood. Just on a side note, there will be chairs in the sceen as well.

I am using max, and mental ray. I used a material over ride for now. the rendered images for light are shown the far wall (on the right side of the screen) This wall has an MR area light hitting it with .001 multiplier, areal light parameters= cylinder radius 3'6" height 40' samples uv=5, shadow parameters=dark grey, -1.0. All other Mr areas are .4 multiplier. In the rendered image, caustic, gi, and fg are all enabled.

Any help and feeback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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