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10 October 2004, 11:32 AM
How do you begin? I have an idea. I have a concept, an image that I could see, in my minds eye. It was inspired by the call for entries in the Expose III space theme contest. How does one go from concept software? One answer might be through a sketch.
But I'm not a sketch artist. I can see it, I could even describe it, but I can't sketch it. How do you begin?

A warlord, on the bridge of a space craft with a closeup 3/4 view of his war torn face, clenches his fist as he smiles. Over his shoulder through his viewing screen we see that he sits in the commanders chair of a starship as he is engaged in battle. His face reveals both rage and pleasure as he closes in on his enemy. The image is a snapshot of his clenched fist as he contenplates victory. He is poised for a moment as he prepares to give the order to finish the battle and inialate his challenger. In and around his starship viewport are monitors and visual displays of all sorts not unlike what one would expect on the bridge of a starship.

Its in my minds eye. How do I begin? How would you proceed?


10 October 2004, 01:23 PM
Although I mainly do Concept art these days I gotta say it's the same thing for me. I have to try to get the image thats in my minds eye on paper. Funny thing is it usually never ends up looking like I thought. But still, sometimes I achieve a look that is close, but that is from doing it over and over...

If you go straight to 3D, the process is the same, you have to keep tweaking a model or scene with shape, color and lighting till you get it to the level you are looking to achieve. The best piece of advice I can give is to just go straight to it and not think to hard about getting this piece done exactly the way you imagine it, make your mistakes and move on and the work will improve or else you will be on it forever.

You can't sit around and worry about style and that it's not like you imagine, this stuff evolves on its own, and it will eventually get easier to express your ideas as you move forward.

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