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10 October 2004, 01:51 AM
Tod M. Hatfield has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Well here is the final image, its not spectacular maybe even a little cartoony but its a better cartoon than I've seen since the good ole days of the FF, spiderman,herculoids, and a whole plethora of the "kiddie safe" 'toons done today.
Can't wait to make a little .avi movie with this scene now.
A little about the scene:
The ships departing the area of the exploding planet are responsible for the exploding planet not fleeing the scene, their just getting warmed up to do it again in a galaxy near you.
Thanks go out to Big bud CC from ( for insight and helpful suggestions as well as members of CGN.
Thanks to R. Steven Glandville for making Anim8or(3d modelling/animation software) better and free for everyone (

I would've liked to have went with a couple different scenes but this one seems to be the most looked at and I absolutely need to learn more about texturing and postwork.
Softwares used:
Anim8or ver.90 beta4: modelling/rendering
Apophysis 2.0 : backgrounds
Dogwaffle 2.0 : postwork/backgrounds
Pixiapaint 2.85 :textures/backgrounds/postwork
Irfanview 3.85 : Backgrounds/postwork
Think thats everyone.
Good Luck y'all

01 January 2005, 02:39 AM (

I entered this new contest with a basic idea...
More to come shortly.
The premise here is that while the new order sleepeth grown fat on the victory over a long time enemy, an ancient enemy even unto the cosmos itself comes for its own victory and it will win.

01 January 2005, 07:15 PM (

The model has advanced and been changed ever so slightly but this only a general presentation of what will be the final image, more models are intended, they will compliment this one.

01 January 2005, 08:07 PM
You started a bit lately, but you can still make it. GO ON!

01 January 2005, 05:25 AM (

More preproduction art work

01 January 2005, 05:36 AM (

Latest update, I notice other entrants of challenges do this but I hope it doesn't disqualify us.

01 January 2005, 07:34 AM (

No flagship is complete without a bomber and fighter escort.

01 January 2005, 07:37 AM (

I like to do my own textures, mostly to avoid copywrite enfringment and some pride.

01 January 2005, 07:40 AM (

Textured model some strecting may be apperent but it is not done.

01 January 2005, 02:16 AM (

No fleet of destruction is complete without fighters, just a few cogs in springs left before the final renders begin.

01 January 2005, 03:06 AM (

Just about done texturing the fleet models, there will be a few more odds and ends but the big stuff first.

01 January 2005, 07:17 AM (

This is taken from test renders of varying sizes, the biggest test render so far has been 4096x3064.
There is a tiny bit of experimental post work in this but not enough to qualify for that milestone.

01 January 2005, 11:52 AM
Just here to say go hard........And to suggest,just a thought really.........To add some more trim of those glowing green lights to break up some of the darker areas........either way,good luck in getting this done.......:arteest:

01 January 2005, 06:24 PM
Really nice way of texturing! I like the way it emits a very detailed feeling, while the model isn't that detailed that much! :)

Looking forward for moreeeee! ;)

01 January 2005, 04:00 AM (

Just a post work test in my poor mans Photoshop a.k.a Dogwaffle ver. 2.0
This may not be the final but either gonna give up or have a novice style finish.

01 January 2005, 02:22 AM (

Hope this is what you people mean by lighting....?
there are a bout 10 lights involved at different positions half being "spot" lightes the remainder "infinite" lights.
No shadows are employed/activated my little P4 just about drops dead right now so shadows are out of the question.
Plus the final scene is about to dark for shadows.

01 January 2005, 07:54 PM (

Some more postwork approaching the end of my sanity and the instability of my 3d and paint progs.
Actually I'm having quite abit fun this challenge, I've learned quite alot more since the last challenge.
If I haven't mentioned it I'm uuse the killer little free 3d prog called Anim8or avery small prog with a lot of power.
Also "my won it in a another contest elsewhere" Dogwaffle 2.0
Great paint prog. a poor mans Photoshop.

01 January 2005, 03:17 AM (

Well here is the final image, its not spectacular maybe even a little cartoony but its a better cartoon than I've seen since the good ole days of the FF, spiderman,herculoids, and a whole plethora of the "kiddie safe" 'toons done today.
Can't wait to make a little .avi movie with this scene now.

01 January 2005, 03:19 AM
Just dropping by to say congratulations on your finish,well done,and great to see you get your plans and work done.see you sometime down the road,and I wish you the best.....:arteest:

01 January 2005, 03:59 AM
Hey. You're right. Cartoons were a lot better back then. And your pic does remind me of that kind of thing. I like it. But I would like to see what kind of thing you could come up with if you started at the begining of the challenge instead of the end. Maybe we'll see you in the next one? :buttrock:

01 January 2005, 05:27 AM
Thanks CGN members,
But truth be told I entered this contest almost 2 months ago.
But have been busy with my day job and other 3d contests on the web.
I'm just a hobbyist at this with zero training in the field.
But everything in this entry was made for this challenge.
No leftovers of anything from previous works.
Thanks again,
Good Luck to all!

01 January 2005, 07:10 AM
Just stoped by to give you a congrats on a great finished image .....if you have time I may face out the sparks as the move away from the planet and around their edges....really woulden't take to long in PS>...and would help with depth :D .....

01 January 2005, 07:58 AM
Thanks again for the C&C's cgn members.
To MattGyver and Essencedesign:
I usually try to stay away from the "normal" spaceship designs like startrek,starwars,2001,
y'all know the like but I was really impressed by the work that was done in the movie:
Chronicles of Riddick, the conquering race was a legend as most stories go which I was trying to avoid with this challenge.
My story is all about a race previously unknown and any survivors start out in their new stone age knowing nothing better to do than hump that,tote this and chase dinner down with rocks and sticks.
So when they come again no knows who they are, I don't know who they are,LoL!
Yeah I would of done more postwork but I'm way out of my element there and best I could've done was make it worse so I stopped, trying to employ the "less is more" theory.
As far as Photoshop I had the demo of CS-7 and it ticked me off so bad that I un installed it before the trial was over, very very hard to learn and use software that PS-cs.
Thanks again for comments and suggestions.

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