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10 October 2004, 08:11 PM
Okay, basically this is my second model up for CC, so go right for it! It's not optimised yet, as i want to get the details in, then i'll optimise. It's currently at the unfathomable-for-the-detail triangle count of 3300. It will be lower, though it's for the HL2 Source engine, so there is plenty of leverage as far as that's concerned, though as always, lower is better.

Basically, i was told to make a hunting rifle. No specific kind, no make - just a regular, sport hunting rifle. Well, i googled a ton of images, and have basically pasted together what i liked about all of them. Here is a first person-ish pic:

As you may possibly have noticed, if you are paying attention, is that it is not textured yet. That's up to our skinner, but i might give it a crack too, since i currently suck at texturing. Here is one of the scope:

And finally, here is one of it laying on it's side. What do you think i should change/edit/remove/add. Also, does anyone know how to fix that weird bit at the back? It wont actually matter, since you will never see that bit in game, but it's annoying. Any help would be appreciated:

I will be adding more detail. Okay, so i said the last one was final - i lied. This is the final one, a bit of fun. From the exact position as the first, i only just found out about this shader in Max - it's so cool. Utterly useless, but cool:

Any CC would be muchly appreciate, so any you can offer will be muchos loved here. Thanks for taking the time to read my rubbish!

10 October 2004, 11:15 PM
Wires! Wires! Wires! We'll be able to spot excessive detail more easily that way.

The tiny blots that hold the scope on can be removed. They can be textured on. You should not be using polys, esp not that many polys, for something that will be 1-2 pixels on screen. Also, the tiny inward bevel on the scope's eyepiece can be removed, as it can't even be seen in the first person shot.

Keep in mind that your gun currently has a polycount higher than a UT2k4 character, and it will still need two hands and arms. Render out a wireframe of your weapon from the first person, any places that are very dense or, worse, SOLID, should be considered for reduction.

Those straps around the barrel look like they have thickness, but could probably be done with flat ribbons.

10 October 2004, 07:45 AM
I can tell you offhand that you wasted loads of poly's with the straps around the barrel and you should make it as ghostscape said into flat ribbod or not at all cuz why the hell is that there? thats not a part of a hunting rifle is it?

plus your wasting alot of poly's at the round pieces, they dont need to be that round.
and you can remove loads of poly's when you remove the side that wont be seen

10 October 2004, 01:03 PM
Thanks for the Crit, guys! I really appreciate it!

Ok, i basically halved the poly count to somewhere in the 1600's:

I took off the bands because, as stated, no rifles actually have them (except the M14, but i'm not making an M14 :p). I took out the little screws holding on the scope. I reduced the polys on the barel substantially, as well as merging the barrel into the hand placement bit below it. I also took out the magazine ejecter. The scope set is, in itself about 950 - a lot, maybe, but i figure that is by far the most prominent part of the gun from the first person perspective, and since - after doing some research - i found out that Source first person weapons are around the 4500-5000 mark, i figure making the scope nice and smooth is worth it, considering i still have a 3000 poly space for improvement, if need be.

Here is a wire: Im not sure how you do the cool, shaded-and-wired ones, so i basically just print screened one of the side views. Hope this helps:

Any more ideas Also, anyone know how to fix the buggered up bit at the end of the stock?

Thanks again guys, i appreciate it!

10 October 2004, 03:47 PM
Looks better without the straps. Don't forget that in that poly budget there need to be hands and arms.

I think you can still cut down the scope a bit, but that's just me. It's looking pretty good, though.

As far as the buggery on that stock, that's due to funky triangulation caused by your 3d program having difficulty triangulating the large n-gon you've got on either side of the stock. Break that into some extra polys and try to reduce thin strip triangles and you'll get rid of it.

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