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10 October 2004, 07:06 PM
Please crit this character I've modeled for a mod.

It's 3507 polys at the mo, including the weapon. I'm going to knock the 7 polys off though.
I wasn't sure what to do with the Neck as on the concept the cloth seems to go straight to where the edge of the mask is. I may bring the head up more and lengthen him out a bit.

I may flare the rear hanging cloths out a bit more, then weld him together.


10 October 2004, 07:13 PM
Too many polys in the eyes. Also, I'm not sure why you took the inner calf area of the lower leg and added the extra polys there, as it doesn't noticably change the silohouette.

You have two beveled bands around the turban and one as a belt that add very little to the shape at the expense of a lot of polys. Also, you've got some squarish things faintly beveled on the shoulders.

Get rid of all those extra polys. Don't spend polys unless they define the shape of the object.

10 October 2004, 10:02 PM
You can easily reduce the polycount by half by just removing every other edge going down and in some cases across. 3500 is not too many polygons by today's standards, but lowpolygon modelling is about polygonal minimalism, no? :)

Same goes for the eyes, though you have to be careful to preserve the same shape. remove the longwise edges in the eyes' edgeloops, from what i can see you can do that at least twice and keep the same shape.

10 October 2004, 12:46 AM
Ok thanks for the comments. I've got it down to 2976 faces now. I removed a couple of rows from the turbin, and a row going around the belt. I also collapsed rows going down the arms and legs. I got rid of a few edge loops around the eyes. I made him slightly taller, and slimmed the waist slightly.
All this and I feel I haven't lost much of the shape, so I'm pretty happy with that, thanks very much.
Wat do u think now? I've extruded all the straps and defensive pads, do u think I should collapse the edges, so they don't pretrude?

Thanks again.

10 October 2004, 02:34 AM
the texture is really going to make that model =P r0x!

Frank Dodd
10 October 2004, 12:13 PM
I would agree that the textures are going to make this one. The organisation of the mesh seams to be pretty good, there are several very thin edge loops that are used for ridges and I'm not sure how visible they will be in a final model and may be wasted.

The general look looks good and is faithful to the reference drawings although I think the most obvious difference is that the shoulders are droping down a bit too much on your model this gives the arms a droopy disjointed look, whereas in the reference drawing the look well placed, flat and confident.

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