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10 October 2004, 04:17 PM

We are in the process of building a smallish render farm to submit our 3D Studio Max and After Effects (and possibly Cinema4D) jobs to. We normally have 4-5 designers working on anything up to 20 or so jobs at any one time. Because of the nature of the work we do, the jobs involve the use of a lot of different fonts. Whilst this is not a problem when issuing 3DS Max jobs to the render farm, the After FX render engines cannot render a job unless the fonts used in the job are installed on each render node.

The designers have access to the entire Linotype library so installing all the fonts on each node is not a practical solution for us. Likewise non of the font managers I know of have an auto-activation plug in that works with AFX.

So we are a little stuck on how to get the fonts activated on each node before the render engine picks it up.

We are considering writing our own app to parse the job's Report.txt file for the fonts required and then activate the required fonts before handing the job over to the render engines. But before I made a start on this I figured I should see how others have dealt with this in the past.

Has anyone tackled this issue before and got any solutions or advice they could give me?


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