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10 October 2004, 12:57 AM
i was just having fun with the Open Dynamics Engine that was partly converted for lightwave a while back... took me a few hours to coordinate everything and time it all properly, but it was pretty fun. It seems as though there is a "random seed" that is added to the calculations, because no two simulations are the same. I ran this about 100 times to get the one that worked lol. It seems to me like this engine is very fast and very awesome. If this could be fully converted to Lightwave, then that'd be awesome. here is the link to my vid: u need the xvid codec to play (I think DivX will work too) its only 123kb..this is just a screencapture. If u want the sourcefiles to mess around with, and/or a better vid, its:

If you do play around and achieve something cool, post it!... I intended this to be kinda like a Rube Goldberg (sp?) contraption, with no real purpose....i just wanted to test the physics.
Im thinking about trying to copy this with the lightwave's Hardbody Dynamics, but it seems like it would be harder lol.

Thanks for lookin :) and thanks to kmacphail (, who converted it for lightwave, and more importantly Russell Smith ( (, who is the principal author. If you dont know what ODE is, or want to know where to get it to play with it for lightwave, go to:

10 October 2004, 01:16 AM
LOL, very funny...

Also, i still wonder why most simulations add that random seeding (Maya does this aswell), it's annoying as hell, wtf is the use of simulating something on the computer when it's basically the same as trying to make something land the way you want when really filming it...We did that for a commercial, a lighter had to land in a special way, and we might as well have filmed ourselves throwing the damn thing on the floor in a studio all day, as that's basically what your doing with simulations like this...

anyway, cool example

10 October 2004, 01:21 AM
Really sweet.
A few questions:
Is there no way to record deformations and replay it after you get a good one?
Have you heard anything about development?
Now that you have it working, is it reliable?

10 October 2004, 01:37 AM
as of now, the ODE interface allows for nothing but the simulation calculation and setup. It has random seeding, and no way to save the motion. Though i think there might be a way to record deformation with mdd or something...but i dunno how that way. If you go to that newtek link, its last update was some time ago, but it seems like the guy is still working on it. It is very reliable, once u get used to how it works. If you do play with it, make sure your sizing of your objects is not too large. In modeler, your model should never be larger than a quad window with the grid size set to 100 mm...if u d/l my source files (obj and lws) you can see. If its bigger, like on scale of 1m or like 5m, the calculations get all thrown off, and you get wierd results. took me a while to realize this. You have to go in after adding plugins and add the ODE_generic to a menu (alt+f10)...and the ODE_deform or whatever is in the deformation tab of the object properties.

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