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10 October 2004, 12:29 AM
total noob to zbrush but despite spending quite some time reasearching this problem i can't find any solutions.

i'm modeling an asteroid, here's what's happening...

1. i modeled a low poly base mesh in maya.
2. export as an obj and import into zbrush.
3. that's as far as i get. :shrug: the mesh comes in with 'display errors'. i'm not sure if it's an error, or a normals thing or what but basically it looks like the normals are reversed. it's impossible to paint/edit this way...

i've checked and the normals are all fine. i've tried exporting and importing a few different ways (different obj settings) and no matter what it looks the same. i'm kinda assuming it's more maya poly strangeness but i'm not sure.

now if i import another object, something else or a test obj they import fine. it's just this one mesh that looks weird.

any ideas? im lost...

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