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10 October 2004, 07:58 AM
I am looking into buying a new comp. Unfortunately I don't really know what I need. Hopefully you guys could help me out. I need a computer that is good for both games and 3d purposes. As for specifics on the 3d purposes I really only need it for animation, playblasting, a little modeling and the occasional rendering (to render out the animations for demo reel purposes). So far most things I have seen on this website are for like Dual Xeon etc etc systems and I don't know if I really need something like that for the above mentioned purposes (Do I?). Anyways the price range is up to $3k US, but the cheaper the better of course. Thanks for any info/advice you all can offer.

10 October 2004, 10:03 AM
If your not out to alter any satelites, I say just go for the single cpu. Personally I'd favour an Athlon64, it's fully compatible with windows right now, you don't need 64bit software or an emulator, and it works damn well; plus it'll set you up for when 64bit becomes more popular, especially if you don't upgrade your computer very often.

GPU - ask someone else, I don't know much about this.

Soundcard - unless your a fanatic, I don't think you'll notice a hell of a lot between a $600 card and one much much cheaper, but having one is better then onboard sound , so just find one for a reasonable price. If your views differ, spend whats resonable.

Motherboard - it depends on what CPU you go for really, ASUS is meant to be very stable I hear.

Hardrive - 7200rpm, perhaps 10000 if you feel you need it, but for size, just get what you think you need, then add 30 gig :P

Get a DVD reader at the vert least, and if you go for that, you'll want a CD burner. Personally you may aswell get a DVD burner, they arn't the expensive nowadays.

For $3000 US you'd put together a pretty nifty computer..i think, I'm Australian, so perhaps i Have it wrong, but then again, i think we're overchanged here. An AMD 3500 i found for sale for $625, asking around i found another place for $585, and on newegg, with a currency converter, i'd get the same processor for 400 and something (forget exactly) but anyways, yes.

Don't buy anything that's top of the line, it's pretty much a waste or money, unless you absolutly need the power, but if your not one for incrementle upgrades, do buy something good now, don't settle for something, it'll just be obsolete faster, and if you don't upgrad often, you'll just be annoyed more frequently ;)

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