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10 October 2004, 11:25 PM
Possible? Using 8.0.1, but I have yet to find a solution to the following:

I set up a floor object in Modeler. I subdivide 2-3 times to get a nice plane with a bunch of faces. I unweld.

Send to Layout.

In Layout I make a null. I drag that above my floor object, I key it to start above and fall through the object.

I add HardFX to the floor object. I add Collision dynamics to the null, set to bounce.

Hit calc. GREAT! The floor breaks apart where the null/bounce hits it, so far so good.

Now I add another Null. This I add a particle emitter. The emitter is set above the floor, with some gravity to pull the particles down to the floor. Hit play, GREAT! The partciles go from the emitter through the floor object, all is good.

Now I hit FX_Linker.

I link the emitter's particles to my collision/bounce object. I hit play, GREAT! All the particles are now collision objects with little spheres that say collision.

Now I hit Calc in the dynamics panel. WTF!

My plane disappears at frame 1 and all the bounce/collision objects move to position:

X = 1.0#INF
Y = 1.0#INF
Z = 1.0#INF

Ok, so basically everything moves to infinity. ERRRRR! They haven't even started to collide. So what is up with this scenario.

Any dynaimcs people who know an answer, or someone can flat out tell me this is not possible (which is really irratating if that is the case) will be appreciated greatly

10 October 2004, 06:26 AM
Ok, the reason your plane dissapears is most likely because your collision objs are at 0,0,0 before FXlinking and you didnt change the pre and post behavior to size dissolve. So they sit at 0,0,0 before they are emitted, therefore blowing your plane away...

Now, to get Fxlinked Collisions to work with HardFX you need to bake their movements once youve FXLinked them. Kind of a pain...but the easiest way is to turn on Make Key when you FXlink them. Then you must simply (lol for each one) UNcheck their FXlink in the motion panel, which somehow magically bakes the collisions..... I dont understand why we must disable FXlink for Make key to actually work with HardFX....would be nice if you could do this in spreadsheet...

Then hit calculate and walla, they work.

By the way, you can use ClothFX instead and then you dont need collision objects, the PFX will affect the cloth....

Hope these inconsistancies are dealt with soon! :D

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