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10-19-2004, 11:01 AM
Thomas Korczok has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

10-19-2004, 11:23 AM
Hi all :)
This is a great challange so first of all good luck and a lot of fun to you all :)

This is what i am going on this challange:
1) Thinking what i can show and what the challange topic is saying
2) Taking the ideas and filter the best one
3) develop the idea

The designing process is also between this points but I trink the most will be designed after the second and mostly the third point.

Here are my first thoughts:
- 90% in my mind is for a planet scene
- I want in the horizon also some buildings of the culture on the planet so the whole picture must show the culture
- more than only one moment in history could be in the image, if possible it also should be more :D
- moments of history:
# war
# freedom after a long war (maybe a triumph course for one general)
# destruction of the culture (not complete but like an invasion)
# reunification (some people run over the walls [german history ;)])
# a special invention (the first flight into space or so)
- the idea must be able to see :)

More to come :)

10-20-2004, 10:14 AM
Here is the sketch of my idea, so you can see what i am now planing to do. In the foreground are 2 people standing, one is hit by a gun and dieing. The other one kills ALL other enemy soldiers near him but in the background you see people are walking his way. He can't win this battle ... also in the background you see 2 ships of the one man starting and trying to escape. Enemy ships will be able to see so you do not know if they can escape or will die.
The title of the image could be "Last one" or so ^^

Thats the first sketch, i think some things will change in it but the main points will stay ^^

10-20-2004, 09:29 PM
After thinking nearly the whole day ...

The Story:

In a Galaxy far far away, the king of the Rawsker, Kravis, planed to make his name immortal, he is just crazy and started to occupy all planets in the known galaxy. He wants to carry his name and the name of the Rawsker into every corner of the universe.

The Narthin are the oldest race in the known world, they have technologies where all other races are just dreaming of, also their evolution was gone so far, they are just the most perfect race. Tyrios is the general of the Narthins armee, he wears a armour which was mage . Storys over Tyrios say he is invincible and born to fight, other storys say he has a killing glance. Some people who had seen him fighting are saying he fires with the best aiming they ever saw and hit one enemy after the other without stopping, just like a killing machine. He seems to be the strongest fighter in universe, ever.

When Kravis armee was near the Narthin' s planet, Narth, he called for reinforcement. He knew the Narthins are the best fighter in the whole Universe and its not easy to take the planet over. He also knew about the abilitys which Tyrios should have. Nobody of his agents who meet him came ever back to report what they saw, if they came back they never knew anything and could never remember.

When Kravis had nearly his whole armee together he decides to attack Narth and one of the biggest battle of the time began. One Narthin fought for 1000 of the Rawsker and it seemed the Narthin could win the battle, than Kravis landed on the planet. He had worked on a special weapon to waste the eyesight of the Narthin. He used it and the destruction was really heavy, his warriors courage growth. Now the Narthin just fight for 10-20 of the Rawsker.

Than Tyrios came just out of the crowd. He ran to Kravis and while he ran he just killed thousands of the Rawsker. Behind him he left an alley of death and were storming like a giant vengful angel on Kravis.

When the both generals clashed, they fought like titans, Tyrios shows all his abilities, Kravis had no chance but Tyrios eyes made problems, so he never hit Kravis on killing points. But Tyrios fighted like a god he killed one around-standing enemy after the other and parryed every attack of Kravis. After a long time of fighting between this two, the last Narthin dies(by shootings of Rawsker who where not near) and Tyrios had done it, to kill Kravis. Than the next Space ships came down from the orbit and new soldiers storm on Tyrios.
That was the moment where the last of the Narthin had done it to escape in 2 space ships.

Tyrios fought against all enemys and killed a lot of them but than the Rawsker just sendet a lot of rockets to him and other big weapons fired from ships in the orbit. So in the end he had to die.

The space ships of the Narthin came to friendly planets and they helped them to recover Narth and to smash the Rawkser.

The camera will hold the moment when Tyrios kills Kravis and the last 2 Narthin ships escape, in the background will be the new landing ships of the Rawsker.

Now i will just begin the designing process :D

10-20-2004, 10:47 PM
Beginning of Rawsker dropship, they will carry small tanks and groups of soldiers, just like in Star Wars 2. Mostly they will be in the Background.

10-21-2004, 01:17 PM
Modeled a little more and tested the new grab arms, I think it will work :)
I thought about making the ship more broadly in the middle and I am not sure how many details the front needs.

10-21-2004, 05:31 PM
I just thought how the transportships in the background, which are escaping the planet might look like. My first sketch was this: the problem is i made some guns etc. at the front so i am not sure if this is not possible a dreadnought or so.

To make the ship a transporter I made a quick changing in 3D:

Any ideas to make it looking better or some tips? :)

P.S.:My sketches are always looking so bad, because i have no scanner and must make a picture with my camera of it. No idea why this is always a little red :(

10-21-2004, 07:02 PM
Sketches look good, models just keep adding more detail and i think you are on the right track. Might consider a bit more developement of your big sketch, i find it really helps you decide things that might be important later on, but of course its tempting to start modelling!

For the scanner thing, its probably because your flash is red - try photographing them in bright outdoor sun with no flash and it wont be like that, though its really not a big deal in my opinion.

10-21-2004, 07:11 PM
Ah one other thing i find really helps... Bevel pretty much everything that isnt SubD - it really helps make things more realistic looking and adds to the overall sense of quality and detail. Not sure what program your using, but in lightwave we have 2 plugins called edge bevel & KZ Mentory that make this alot easier to do. I believe both 3dsmax and maya have similar tools built in if your using them...

10-21-2004, 07:21 PM
Oh, I forgot, i am using 3DSMax.

Cole: I have just problems with the understanding what means SubD ? The development will come and also i will try your helps with the sunlight. I hope i can make it tomorrow, now its a bit dark outside :) Thx for your help :)

With the modeling, I think I just wanted to have something on "paper" but now i think you are right, maybe i should make some mor sketches.

10-21-2004, 07:53 PM
Hm trying to think what SubD Surfaces are called in 3dsMax, its been forever since i used it... Meshsmooth i think? hm well i will make a screenshot to show what i mean... If you have a cube, and want to make it look better you can either bevel it or meshsmooth it, depending what you want... So first picture is just a cube, 2nd is a subdivided cub, 3rd is bevelled cube (see how the edge looks better?) and 4th is a cube that was bevelled and then subdivided... Basically its just about making the model look more realistic, since in reality there are no perfectly sharp edges.

10-21-2004, 07:57 PM
OK THANKS! Now i know what you mean. Meshsmoth is an operator, yes. I will try it out and i will try to make the edges better as you said. I don't know how to bevel the corner, meshsmoth is for the whole cube. But I will search :)

Thanks a lot!

Can't find any modificator or so like bevel. If someone knows how to make this effect in Max please help me :)

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