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10 October 2004, 02:11 AM
One problem I've found with Painter 8 (only version I've used) is that whenever I press one of the arrow keys on the keyboard, the entire layer would shift; it doesn't matter what tools your using while you press the arrow keys.

So that means the colors would all shift in the direction you've pressed - going outside of the lines, which is on a seperate layer. Does anyone have a similar problem with Painter? In Photoshop, that happens only when you've selected the layer moving tool; usually, arrow keys are just used for scrolling. Would there perchance be any solution to this?

10 October 2004, 04:01 AM
Personally i like this behaviour. i scroll around by holding spacebar.

10 October 2004, 04:30 AM
For the record:

a.) A highlighted Layer or Text Layer won't be moved by using the arrow keys if any of the Shape tools or Shape editing tools are active.

b.) One or more of a highlighted open (vector based curve) or closed Shape's control points will be moved by using the arrow keys, and if all of it's control points are active, the entire open or closed Shape will be moved.

In Painter, the arrow keys are not used for scrolling. To move your entire image around in the image window, the two best ways are a.) and b.) below:

a.) Use the Grabber tool, activated by either hitting the "G" key (click the appropriate letter key to return to the tool you were using, i.e., "B" for Brush tool) or by holding down the Spacebar while clicking and dragging with the Grabber tool (let go and you automatically return to the tool you were using).

b.) Click the Navigation icon (binoculars) in the lower left corner of the image window, then click and drag the red rectangle to whatever location on the image you want to now be displayed in the image window, then click in the image to close the Navigation window.

c.) Not recommended: Use the scroll bars. (Ugh!)

Solve your problem arrow key by:

a.) Using one of the two methods, a.) or b.), described above,

b.) Locking the Layer (this is a good idea anyway, unless you're working on the Layer),

c.) Highlighting Canvas instead of a Layer, Shape, or Text (always pay attention to what's highlighted in the Layers palette, in case you forgot to Lock everything, so it can't accidentally be painted, moved, or affected in any other way),

d.) When a Layer, Shape, or Text is highlighted, only use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys when you want to nudge the Layer, Shape, or Text to a new position.

NOTE: You can also use the Layer Adjuster tool to move a single un-Locked Layer, Shape, Text Layer, or any other kind of Layer (Dynamic Plugin Layer, for instance). If you hold down the Shift key while highlighting multiple Layers, Shapes, Text Layers, etc., they can all be moved at once (providing none of them are Locked).

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