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10 October 2004, 06:46 AM
Took this photo last night of my friend (unfortunately my friend is the guy) at the Aussie Motorshow.
Been trying all day to sharpen the image to make it look rather nice to print out and hang on the wall. But not comming out with satisfactory results.
Funnily enough IrfanView gave the best results with the sharpening. Just interested to see what some of you Pros can do with a picture like this and maybe we apply the techniques to our other blurred unsharpened photos.

I got a larger version of the photo. Just made this photo small for viewing purposes and to have a little perve. Im hosting this on Geocities so the photo might not display depending on how many people view it.


Looking forward with your help and results :)

10 October 2004, 08:55 AM
If you analyze the blur in the image you provided, it's quite clear that a simple unsharp mask, or the highpass/soft light trick won't work. The blur in the image is a motionblur, thankfully in a rather linear fashion. What's needed here is a Wiener filter...

It removes linear motion blur in a snap, though you will of course not got the same results as if you had a picture in focus.

Anyway, AFAIK there's only one plugin for photoshop that does this (or something along the lines of it), and that is Focus Magic:

There's a demo to download, but I went the extra mile and tried that for you too ;)

I used a blur size of 6 pixels, and a direction of 15 degrees...

It looks better, but slightly artificial. One way to fix the artificial look after you've processed the image, is to overlay some film grain on the image.

I didn't do that, but it's quite easy. Either you find some noise on the web that is sampled from actual film, or you could buy Grain surgery from

Quite a decent software if you're in to matching photos and stuff like that.

And, the results after the focus magic:

10 October 2004, 06:20 PM
Yes, FocusMagic works pretty well for this one, since it also includes a 'motion blur' option and I think that motion blur is the major problem here. I took it in FocusMagic, used the 'motion blur' option (which worked amazingly well I must say) and also used the 'out of focus' option and the results were even slighty better than SevenFingers example without creating too many strong 'halos'.

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