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10 October 2004, 09:58 PM
I recently purchased a Microsoft wireless desktop pro (wireless Intellimouse2 and Wireless Natural Keyboard). I've noticed a problem which I cannot seem to find much information about if any.

The problem is that if you hold down a mouse button, and then strike a keyboard button, the mouse button you are holding down is "released". I'll give you an example. If moving an object you'd like to constrain it to an axis, you can hold SHIFT, or CTRL, depending on application. If you start moving the object by selecting it with the mouse and then dragging it while holding down the mouse button, and then hit SHIFT, the function of holding down the mouse button is broken (even though you are physically still holding it down). It is as if the two devices (keyboard and mouse) cannot accept two functions at the same time. It literally *burps*

This happens with any key/mouse action combination.

I will add that devices and receiver are within appropriate distances to each other, there is no interference from other wireless devices (I have none). It is not near a cordless phone, or a hub, or a modem etc etc.. I've installed, reinstalled, updated, gone the usb and ps2 route, and the problem is the same.

Has anyone experienced this, found a solution, or at least some information? It is very annoying, and is beginning to hamper workflow.

I would really like to find a solution to this besides "get a new keyboard". It cannot have been designed this way... or... could it?


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