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10 October 2004, 04:48 AM
This is an animation test I did using Andrew Silke's generic rig v1.1.

animation test ( (2.19 mb)

I would greatly appreciate some feedback and critique.

thanks in advance,


10 October 2004, 03:58 AM
*first off, great dialogue selection for ur animation test. the dialogue is great... i can just imagine the kinds of gestures/animation you can make from those conversation lines.
*the model rigg ur using is a great choice. the sound of the actors voice would match so great with the look of that model.
*the animation of the mouth talking is decent, i can read the words that are coming out of his mouth.

~>"ohh, i heard about these!" this part of your character's gestures should be so much more stronger. the pose/silouette should be much more clear. maybe stronger gestures in terms of with the arms/hands and including the mouth shapes when he says that line. you might not want the head to twited away from the box, it makes it look like he is more afraid of the box rather than excited about it. the line of action for the body should be a positive curl, he should be curling/leaning towards the box in excitement with the box rather than a neutral line with having the head tilting away from the box when he talks.
~>"....thank you" this part could be stronger too. mainly in the pose/gesture.
~overall, the gestures can be worked on much more. then the timing could be tweaked out more, esp. when he puts alot of energy into a dialogue line.
~>the hands should have more life to them, esp. with the dialogue you have chosen.
~one major problem, when he says "put them over there" he is hold the box and putting the box on the table when it should be someone else who is handing the box to him in the first place. he is making a statement/command to another person about a object. this contradicts ur animation because he is holding box. as a viewer i am confused by this.
~>maybe you could have ur animation end right before he says "just put it over.."

~im no pro, just a amature.. a student, so take what you want from my comments.

10 October 2004, 05:09 AM
Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

I am working on it at the moment to tighten up some of the timing issues with certain gestures, that is my main issue with it at the moment. Also, I will push the exageration a bit in that opening pose and see how it works out.

I'm glad you enjoyed my shabby voice over....

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