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10 October 2004, 02:10 AM
I just downloaded Tapptoons Linetester 2004, a freeware animation program, and I need a little bit of help. Can someone please link me to a begginer-friendly tutorial? Are there any video tutorials out there? It doesn't have to be specifically for the program, just something general. In fact, if there is a better animation program out there for free, please let me know! Just keep in mind that I don't directly draw onto the computer (I scan all my images and color them in Photoshop with a mouse if necessary), so it must support that.

Is coloring done in a seperate program generally? For the scene I have in mind, I want to create a very flowing animation with detailed colors and cascading shadows on a character. Is it possible to scan in line art for an image, color it in Photoshop, and then import that into an animation program, or how else could it be done? I'm skilled with coloring and layers in Photoshop, but maybe there is a more convenient way, or maybe the way I have in mind is not possible?

Anyhow, I have this spectacular scene in my head, and I would do anything to make it into reality. Well, anything except pay (flat-broke at the moment). Please sympathize and help out a fella, will ya! :D

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