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10 October 2004, 04:37 PM

I have a biiig problem with my HDD....

About one week ago my Windows crashed completly and destroyed the index of my external USB HDD... and because I turned the USB HDD off windows couldn't perform a CHKDSK on it to repair.. (there was a written CHKDSK Bit on the HDD.. so I think win noticed the mistake ;) )

Ok... I've rebootet the PC and copyed a 40mb file to the hdd (with the corrupt index... 50% of my files were missed.. but i didn't noticed it the first time)... and now.. after I've recovered the index all my data is back and work fine... but there are a few little problems... the 40mb file has destroyed some of the files that weren't in the index... and now if I try to open or copy one of these files I get an "CRC Error"... means I can't copy or open the file... and these are realy important files... (i.E. the MailFile of my PlugIns...)

So... does anyone know if I can recover these files somehow??? The most of them are ASCII Files.. so if there are 10 or 100 byte destroyed it's no problem.. I could rewrite this part... but I can't rewrite the hole plugIn that easy.....

I'd need a programm that can open or copy the file and ignore the CRC... if the Filesize is 50kb it should copy 50kb.. and if there are some wrong bytes in this file.. who cares..? :)

Hope someone can help me...


PS: I'm using WinXP and the HDD is NTFS Formatted...

10 October 2004, 02:43 PM
i'm thinking that you're stuck. What happened was you literally wrote over the old data with new data, thus the old data is gone. Sorry dude.

You could try spinrite 6 from, but i'm not too sure how successful you'll be.

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