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10 October 2004, 08:45 AM
Here's another model i made yesterday.Its for my horror game ala Silent hill.
Concept i made:
POlygonal model:

I will have to work on his legs a little.Overall polys:1924

10 October 2004, 09:12 AM
Wow man, thats really good, I like the concept and the model, does the game have a website?

Frank Dodd
10 October 2004, 09:24 AM
A very interesting model that I think fits in well with the concept you described. Its difficult to criticize because although it is basically a dog, it is also a melding of other animals and is heavily distorted. The only thing that stands out to me is the lower jaw appears to be missing which I assume is by design? Also the texture while looking appropriately dry, fleshy and diseased is also rather lower resolution.

I think you have achieved what you set out to do in creating a disturbing character that will be at home spooking people, lurking around in dark alleyways. But he would be more threatening with a lower jaw so that he can bite us too! ;)

10 October 2004, 09:24 AM
wow, great concept, i like the modeling, if i could suggest something, i would make his eyebrows bigger and more concept-like, the same goes for the mouth and the nose.
the back leg, in it's upper part could be bigger and more rounded, check every part with the concept you'we made cuz it's really nice:)

10 October 2004, 09:50 AM
Hey thanks for replying :)
i intentionaly resized the pic.its 1163x806 big.
Now onto the concept:the lower jaw is not missing,its smaller because i want to leave space for the tounge to to attack.i will add some canine teeth too.
@Mizu i think you are right,i will fix them,this was just a hour or less of modelling and it was 4 in the morning so i was kinda sleepy lol.
@Bigglzee i dont have a website for the game yet but soon i will.
@Frank Dodd i think his attacks will be 2 (1 tounge attack for longer distances and 2 the biting attack) so the teeth will help alot.The texture will look alot better when i will apply it to the model :D

10 October 2004, 12:26 PM
texture? oh, could you put a texturemap here? i realized that i can learn a lot by watching how otherm make them, thx:)

10 October 2004, 07:35 PM
Just started working at the skin.if you someone has tips on improving it,shoot :D
btw its 1993 polys.

10 October 2004, 09:45 PM
This silent hill game of yours is lookin pretty good - is it gonna be a mod, or a totally original thing coded from scratch? Any plot, details or more screenshots?
The dog looks good so far - the concept art looks very silent hilly and the model is very close to it. Great topology on its torso as well.
To improve it i would suggest you work on the legs and feet - they dont seem very dog like at all - more robot like :shrug: I think the rear toes look odd. Also, the skin texture looks nice and grimy at the moment, but doesnt look too much like skin - more like a sack or something. Any specular maps?

By the way, ive finished silent hill 4 now - it was good, but i think SH3 was probably better. 4 was definately darker and more mature than 3 and there were some really creepy bits in it, and the combat system is much better, but the lack of torch & shadow based fear as well as a muddy plot, LOTS of level re-tracking and a dissapointing end made it a bit of a letdown. There were still some really great, original bits though (especially while you are trapped in your room) and probably the best graphics on Ps2 that make it worth getting.

Keep it up - the whole project looks great.

10 October 2004, 10:02 PM
all four paws have what looks to be a rear facing digit......
for me the rear portion of the feet sticking out kind of kills it for me
Everything else works really well with the style you set ...

.. they have a pad higher up at the joint and if the thumb wasn't clipped at puuppyhood it would grow out the side and up higher off the ground.

look at a mastiff or great dane paw (great dane puppies paws are very exaggerated looking)

10 October 2004, 11:58 PM
@Andy H
Thanks man.This is not a mod,its a full game developed with a commercial engine.I dont know if you have already seen the shots that i posted on the dirty damaged landrover forum :shrug:
I am currently fixing those legs,i dont like them and their texture does not have much details (working on them slowly)
Btw the poor jpg conversion removes alot of details,i will post tomorrow some renders.
My engine does not support specular mapping but it could be added through shaders but they take too much fps so i'm not going to use them.

About sh4,it's cool,i got it too nearly 2 days after you did :D
Havent had much time to play with it though.
Some info about the game:
It is called The kiD
The player will controll a privat investigator (like the one in sh3) wich will have to look for a missing kid.He recived a photo of the kid with his family taken in a small city where the player will go and investigate.Basicaly you will see everything from the eyes of this kid.Terrible things happend to him so the same goes for the main character wich will have to fight against deformed human looking monsters.
This is a short briefing.I wont go in detail as the story is very complicated and intense.

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