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10 October 2004, 04:25 PM
Hi everyone,A practise charactor from FFX-2.There are 4210 triangles and 2 512x512 texture are mapped.C&C are quite welcome.All of my thx.






10 October 2004, 04:54 PM
I need to take a breath.. thats not yuna!
Her lips are smaller, her nouse.. she has got more hair... Sorry to say so her body is quite good, you got her appearance very well but the face ugh

10 October 2004, 09:35 PM
i agree too the body looks fine but the face need to be fixed

10 October 2004, 03:06 AM
I really like your texture work! I wish I can make texture like yours. I have recently created Yuna model for the sake of practicing fabric texture. Here is the link. Take a look at it and see ^^

I thought my face was way off and I think your Yuna's face is alot off.

Good luck!

10 October 2004, 04:48 AM
Thx kukukiki74,quite like some part of ur model.My yuna face must be fixed,adjust adjust.

Which power get us in the same charactor almost in the same time? :)

10 October 2004, 08:38 AM
Have tried my best to fix the face of urgly yuna.:sad:

Plz give me more suggestion.thx all.:sad:

10 October 2004, 09:48 PM
This model is not so bad or ugly, but u just do not have the japanese' touch on your model.
That is what we call 'style' you have yours, square have theirs.

Just do as you want, yuna does not exist for real, so I guess it's ok for her to have an asian or more european face..even biggers boobs ;)

Have fun :hmm:

10 October 2004, 11:05 PM
Id say make the boops a lot smaller and lift them a bit. The face looks a bit better now but still you need to tweak around. Try removing the contrast of the upper noase on your skin. Perhaps this fixes this european look of hers.

Good luck

10 October 2004, 12:42 PM
Thx Grorum.Ur words make me more comfort.Wheather asian or european,follow the idea of concept is the key.I failed this yuna :sad:

Dieblein,I have tried my best.Have u feel better now?I must observe more beauties.:love:

10 October 2004, 01:49 PM
I just dont see your point when it comes to buisness and someone tells you to model this concept then well you cant say " aaah everythings beautiful no matter if it looks this or that way"
Surely you are right and obviously you dont have to model her exactly the way she looked but that was your goal and if you dont want to reach it then thats fine but dont rude me for trying to help you reaching it.


11 November 2004, 02:46 PM
wow, seeing lots of Yuna's on the forums lately. Don't get too frustrated when modeling from concept art, ImUrPeti. I have found that getting the "likeness" of a person's face, whether it be from concept art or from a photo, is very much dependant on your drawing skills with good ol' analog pencil/charcol/whatever and paper. It gets easier to "paint" digitally when drawing from life because you train yourself to observe and reproduce what you're seeing better. Try to take some life-drawing classes if possible, or simple set some stuff in front of you(like a still life) and try to draw it exactly. Trust me, you'll find that painting Yuna's face will get easier with time.
I just did a portrait practice peice that took me awhile to finish but it really helped me to paint the face texture of my model easier:

Anyhow, I don't think it's a total failure, just the face ;) but the body looks good. Hey, maybe you can say it's Yuna's stunt double.

My current model/animation (

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