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Ben Woodward
02 February 2002, 09:13 PM
Hello people!

My idea for a PA scenario goes like this...

In the not to distant future a meteor shower began to disrupt our solar system, after astromoners realised that a meteor big enough to knock Earth out of orbit was on collision course with the planet, meetings were conducted secretly amongst the top scientists and leaders of the world's countries in alliance.

After much debate and analysis of the situation they concluded that what was needed was some sort of 'Noah's ark' spaceship to escape the certain doom of the planet. This project was top secret, and the 'Space Ark' was being built on an island of the East coast of America. The meteor was kept secret because the members of the 'Space Ark' project knew that there wasn't anything they could do to save humanity, in their opinion the planet's fate was certain doom. Telling the world would only create chaos and tension.

One member of the 'Space Ark' project was outraged at the willingness of the members of the project to keep the rest of humanity in the dark about what was about to happen to them. Dr.Starling sacrificed his place on the ark to spread infomation to people so that they may stand some chance of survival. It was speculated 3 months until time of impact, Dr.Starling encouraged people to save all the food and water they could.

Starling became a hunted man. His actions led to a chaos that he remained sheltered from by living undercover.

Countries of that had been excluded from the 'Space Ark' project were frustrated, in 2455 an Eastern terrorist network declared nuclear war on the western world, believing that "If a meteor was about to hit the Earth then it was God's will. If we have to die, then you shall die with us." They used just about all of the fire power and nuclear weaponary which they had saved up over the years in order to try and destroy the 'Space Ark' making sure no one got away from what was about to happen. The island was well guarded but bombers managed to target the ark. After the 'Space Ark' was destroyed nuclear war continued for another 2 and a half months until the remaining fighters finally looked to the sky to see a rugged shape eclipse the sun and impact the side of the Earth somewhere in the pacific ocean. It hit hard and many people died. The impact of the 12 mile wide piece of rock was enough to send tidal waves around the planet and pushed it into an unstable orbit edging it dangerously closer to the sun.

Less than a quarter of the world's population survived. The people who did survive were the either just fortunate or were people who had the money to create their own bunkers. Alot of the people who did have bunkers emerged days after the impact to find themselves alone in a desolate wasteland covered in piles of junk and rubble. The climate was hostile, dust storms swept across what used to be cities, anyone who was still alive would not have survived a storm, you would be swallowing pure rock that was stained with the chemicals of nuclear warfare.

Dr.Starling survived the impact in a nuclear bunker in the state of Alabama with his two of his associates David Thornton - mechanical engineer and space technology expert who escaped the island of the ark before it was destroyed and Dr.Amanda Smith who delt with the computational architecture of the 'Space Ark' navigational system. Inside the bunker Starling has saved alot of equipment but not much food. Dr.Starling believes that there still may be a chance of surviving the planet's catastrophy, but first they must make their way to the island, where the ark was being built as Starling believes that the 'Space Ark' was not the only ship being built...

Here is a very simple sketch of Dr.Starling that I am using as a starting point, the soles of the boots are made with a material of the future that is resistant to toxic chemicals to some extent. The bumpy texture means that less of the surface is worn away by erosion, although you would need a new pair every three to four weeks.

The three characters all have an electronic device which I haven't drawn yet which can be used for communication, connecting to any type a computer system and either downloading from it or hacking it, these will become very useful tools in their journey if they need to open doors to get into supplies or overiding a vehicles computer. In their time, most things are run by a computer.

The gun fires a photon blast frying it's target, mainly used for picking off rats, seemingly the only surviving creatures in urban areas due to their underground habitat. These unfortunately for Starling, Thornton and Smith are what they have to eat to survive.

They also have a mask mainly for shielding against dust in the wind, but also emits oxygen from the base of the unit.

Underneath the gas mask they wear uv protection goggles triple the normal level.

Dr.Starling wears a thick trench coat with an sewn in layer that acts as a radiation guard. The same goes for his trousers.

Here are two very quick preliminary sketches for Dr.Starling and D.Thornton the engineer. - Err.. please tell, are multiple characters in a scenario allowed? Cause this isn't a competition right? Just a development of ideas... you go:

All comments welcome.


02 February 2002, 09:31 PM
when your model is as elaborate as your story, it is going to be a winner =)

Ben Woodward
02 February 2002, 02:13 AM
Hey up.. here's a colour version of my Dr.Starling character. The bubbly hat is a kind of protection against the atmosphere, I was thinking it could soak up the toxic chemicals then he could toss the hat into his vehicle tank and use it as fuel, kind of like the dalorian on back to the future.


Ben Woodward
02 February 2002, 01:05 AM

I'm a bit slow because I'm new to 3D but this is the general shape for 'dr starling'. He has short legs and a big head.


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