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10 October 2004, 12:19 AM
Hi Guys ,

i am curious to how everyone approaches walk cycles here? , Do you start animating the pelvis first , than the feet? or how?

I am always having problems with getting the beginning > end match. Up to now i did start animating the pose at the contact position where one feet is all the way back and the one all the way front , but that makes copying curves from one feet to the other a nightmare , in fact if you guys know a efficient way to copy curves i am all ears :)

Thanks in advance ,

10 October 2004, 01:13 AM
i've heard many different ways people like to do it, but i'll just outline a couple here.

one method is to get the rythm of the pelvis goin good, bouncin and goin back and forth, then get the feet goin, then the rest of the body.

i personally like going the ol' fashioned route and posing the whole body on the contact poses and break it down and go from there. i keep the cycle playing and rotate the views around and tweak from there, just whittle it down till its good. once you make a really dynamic, cool looking pose, the rest of the style of the walk just seems to fall into place. thats why i like approaching walks from this method as opposed to concentrating on one part, then the other part. i like getting the whole body going on a decent level before concentrating on individual parts.

as for copying keys, i tend to not do that, so can't help ya there.

10 October 2004, 02:20 AM
Hey sheep.
I kind of do the hips and feet at the same time, because it seems like every time you adjust a foot you gotta fix the hips, and vice versa. Once I get that all working well I work up the spine to the head, and then shoulders, arms and then hands last.
For copying, you can select keys, move forward half the length of your cycle (12 frames for a 24 frame cycle) and then paste them on the other leg. The keys don't have to be inverted usually (except for side to side translation), just offset. And remember, if it's a 24 frame walkcycle, the last frame should be frame 25, which should be the same as frame 1, so that is cycles right.
And you can cycle curves automatically, too: open the graph editor, going to Curves>Pre Infinity (and Post Infinity)>Cycle.

Rock on.

10 October 2004, 12:25 PM
Hey this is how I was taught how to do it.

I usually base my animation on a 30 frame space and then scale the keys to get the right timeing.

First I start with the contact pose, 1 foot forward 1 foot back. I key the feet at from 1 and 30 so they match.

Then I go to frame 15 and switch the feet position and key them. This will give you the contact poses for 1 complete cycle.

From there I do the passing pose of each foot. This gives you the blocked out feet animation.

Next I do the rotations of the hips, the shift side to side, the drop, and the rotation forwards and backwards.

After the hips I do the spine and finally the arms.

After it's all blocked out I go back in and tweak through the graph editor.

Really simple way to do cycles since by keying the begining and end frames first you garuntee the feet will land in the same place.

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