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10 October 2004, 04:53 AM
If you have used BPT for maya, soft selection works by selecting an element, or elements, then adjusting the falloff from there, in what I assume to be a sphere falloff. But what BPT does is automatically center that spherical falloff to the element(s) selected, and the sphere remains a perfect sphere as you adjust the falloff size. I've been struggling with this concept in modo tonight, but cannot figure it out. Is there a way to select an element and have a sphereical falloff automatically center itself on the selection, so the falloff influence emanates from that point outwards? It gives the illusion that the falloff influence gradually fades with distance travelled over the mesh, and makes tweaking with soft selection much faster and easier then having to position a spherical falloff everytime!

In short, how would I have a sphere falloff automatically center itself to my selection?

10 October 2004, 09:12 AM
you need to record a macro for it and use it as tool. it is quite easy. and let me tell you this , do not even compare any soft move stuff in maya to modo. maya way is chunky way(except artisan in some ways), and not seriously intuitive for artist. modo has it pretty cool and i am one of the advocates of falloff for everything, nice concept they did in modo. falloffs work with alot of stufss so far.

when you enable a geometric fall off , there is a button on tool properties called "auto resize"
works pretty well

so instead of using default modo soft move, you need to record a macro (enable soft move, enable auto resize ) and save it as lets say "my soft move", and assign the same shortuct you would assing for default soft move. you will end up with a tool that works the way you want

save this one as a txt file, and call it from sytem, run script
and goto history and find that command line that just has executed this script and assign a shortcut, this is a real simple macro, you can make more complicated ones

tool.set "xfrm.magnet" "on" "0"

but easiest way is enable "a" from tool pipe next to radial falloff and auto activating tool.

i suggested macro because you can have 2 different tools without manipulating original one

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