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09 September 2004, 11:14 AM
Hello all,

I would like your input on what features/controls YOU like to see in a biped/human rig and why. Also, please tell me about features which you find unnecessary/overkill and makes it harder for the animator to do his job. If you have a link to any downloadable rig that you find very nice, please let me know!

Please note, I am talking about features which can be applied on basically ALL rigs.

To get the thread started, what do you think about:
* Broken hierarchy skeleton
* Ability to animate FK only
* Schleifer spine
* Reverse foot lock
* The importance of keeping joint hierarchy clean from non-joint objects
* Controls in the actual scene VS controls stuck on your viewport screen
* Ability to control musculature deformation manually

Your input is very much appreciated! :)

09 September 2004, 03:52 PM
-I always like it when things are named, un-named things are really bad
-A cleaned up hiergy is great. Just group everything together which belongs together. Clean it up, don't make me search for 5 minutes :)
-Preferably I'd like layers, seperate the helper objects, bones, IK, FK, controls etc in seperate layers, so I can quickly hide my bones or show my helper object :thumbsup:
-helper objects are nice. I really like the helper objects in IKJoe, like the cross on the ground, that's just great!
-easy to select controlers.
-Don't lock channels, if I want to lock channels I want to do it myself. Somtimes a certain rotation channel is locked, while I actually need it, don't like that.
-I really like it when objects get seperated. So legs in a special layer, arms, head. This isn't always posible, but if it is, pleasse do so! Now you can concentrate much more on just the legs, or just the face. It makes the playback faster too.
-Indirect binding. It's great to have a low-res object and a smooth-object. This way you can playback realtime with the lowobject, but render with the high-res object.
-Cleaned up channels, so no visibility or unnecisery scale channels
-I personally hate the reverse foot control. I havn't use it too often, but I just dislike it. I love a simple controler object with a few SDK atributes on it
-A total FK control is a must, just an easy FK-IK switching system is great.
-what is a "schleifer-spine?" I assume this is a Jason Schleifer trick?
-I love Driven hands. Or some simple setup like the, I believe, generi-rigg? Anyhow, to control the fingers to be bent it's nice to either have a controler like in IKjoe for example, or have some viewport lay-out to easily select the seperate finger bones.
-An facial lay-out, like the ones from Jason Osipa.
-If there are any deformation things like, jiggle, I'd like to be able to control them, I might want to have more or less jiggle at a certain animation.

I think that'll be it for now, if I can think of anything more, you'll hear it :D

09 September 2004, 09:33 PM
This is just a small one, but controls for breathing and subtle animation. A simple implicit cube around the torso area can give the effect of heavy breathing in appropriate cases. And, of course, rigged and weighted properly so that elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees bend and react like they're supposed to.

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