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09 September 2004, 04:18 AM
after playing with MODO and cinema 4d 9 demo, i really liked the following features and hope to c it in modo :

-the spline system is very good (they implemented a lot of spline types, and editable shapes)
-the snapping options r much wider and professional, and it's independent, not including in each command, so u set ur snapping option once, and go to model.
-the boolean is much cleaner (u have a option for a high quality boolean, hiding the new edges), and using the stack sytem, we can swap the boolean operation on the fly, and make it animated.
-deformations r more bigger and the gizmo give them accurate function (they have , bend, explode, shatter, melt, wind, spline, ffd, formula)

-the object structure stack is very good too (so u can apply modifiers and duplication) make it on or off at any time, and go to edit it's parameter at any time. the stack is really usefull, and most of the clients always need to c a modification for their project, and this mod. usually is for something like, changing the rail of extrusion, or the number of radial array. using stack, all we have is to go, and edit the spline on the fly, and the extrude is changed. the absence of this feature, make a weakness in communication btw us and the client, so it's making the challenge btw us and other packages having stack or nodal (MAX, MAYA, cinema4d) b hard, as an example once a client said to me : " OOH, why r u that slow in editing, the other company we worked with last time, just showed me the floors changed b4 my eyes blinks..."

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