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08 August 2002, 10:13 PM
I' m trying to model a human body.I'm long way from finishing it but I have a couple of questions.So I know that you can move the hands and feet with IK and it's the best thing to do for your charcter to have many poses.But what do you do with eyes and mouth? You just pull points manually every time you need a new face? I know with IK you do the same thing but you do it only once and you are O.K.
I have to do some special modelling to control the face?

Second question
I make the body and want to dress it.But I tend to change my mind a lot.So one day I'll want my character with this kind of cloth and the other day some other kind. Is there a way to construct cloths and attach them to the body rather then destroying the mesh (by pulling points to create the cloth) you have already put so much effort in?

For your answers consider also that I'm using cinema 4d 7.3.
Probably it's a hugely stupid question but please consider that I' new at body modelling.
Thanks in advance

Rabid pitbull
08 August 2002, 12:06 AM
morphs would be best. i am not too familiar with c4d, but am sure there is some kind of morph ability.

as for your second question it is a two part answer. you could model a nude character and make clothes and use soft body dynamics to animate the cloth(if c4d has this ability). the problem is that this is ussually very slow and difficult. ussually the clothes should be very simple... ie shrecks vest.

it would be better to build the character with the clothes on. actually model the pants shirt whatever as the base mesh, you can make the "clothes" move as if they are natural through a variety of techniques including bones and morphs. this is the typical way. if you need to have a scene with a less clothed character you would be better off making several different models.

08 August 2002, 03:54 AM
Thanks for your answers .They were very helpful.
One more questions.I think whith the forms you mean what cinema users say deformers?Deformers twist bend or whateverer you think about a model.
It this is what you're saying than it's ok.But I think that these things aren't very controllable.Am I right?
So to sum it up.If I want to make a man yelling what is the best way to do it.Do a general position of the eyes mouth and then make him yell or model it right from the start yelling?
Thanks again

Rabid pitbull
08 August 2002, 05:11 AM
i went to maxon to see what the feature list is. ffd free form deformers seems to be the equivilent of morphing. i also noticed that there are 2 versions of the program. the xl version seems to have more animation tools, so if you dont have it this could be limiting.

essentially a morph(ffd) is a alternate shape for the model. all the same geometry just moved around a bit. also it is wise to model your character "base pose" mid range. his mouth should be open but not all the way, this way the mesh will bend more naturally as the bone/morph is applied.

if you wanted to make a man scream, it would be a combination of bones and morphs to get a good effect. for instance you would move the "jaw" bone and it should be assigned only the jaw of the mesh, so when it moves his nose doesn't go too.:) then most likely you would use a ffd that can be turned on and off (most likely a percentage) in the shape of his lips curling.

oh yeah don't be worried about asking questions around here, it is meant for that.;)

-Good luck

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