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08 August 2002, 01:31 PM
Okay, first time in a challange. This will be fun. Just starting up to tell you all that iīm in for it, and that Iīm hoping to get some help from you during the process. Seems like I could learn alot from this.

Hereīs my first concepts. My FTP is down, so Iīll have to do it this way.

This one is powerd by a childs imagination.

08 August 2002, 01:33 PM
or maybe lie this?

08 August 2002, 03:32 PM
This one I like the most: so far.
Concept? Composition? Anything?

08 August 2002, 06:17 PM
Trying to fly by killing yourself on cholesterol.. very funny!
3rd is definately my favorite.

Good health to you, jeroentje :D

08 August 2002, 07:08 PM
hehehe, didnīt think of it that way, but itīs great.
Iīll go for that:beer: thanks for the kind words. Now itīs back to work.

Hereīs a colortest....

08 August 2002, 07:11 PM
He, I think this will be pretty cool.
I will keep following this one closely :beer:

08 August 2002, 02:35 AM
Yeah Ivars! lol Great idea and colortest too!!! Go on!!! :bounce:

08 August 2002, 07:37 AM
Thanks for your support guys:beer:
Hopefully Í will get some time to work on it tonight, but right now I gotta do the stuff Iīm paid for:D
So, updates will arrive later, much later, but probably today....

08 August 2002, 11:03 PM
cool concept! and make another angel carrying a T.V in front of him! :beer:

08 August 2002, 05:13 PM
How about an update? This is such a cool concept! :bounce:

08 August 2002, 05:02 PM
Sorry for not having updated. Iīve had my ass full of coloring job at work, so Iīve been kind of tired of colouring lately:D

But anyway. Iīm about to work some on it today, so a update will arrive soon. (havenīt I said that before??)

Hereīs a little something untill then....
My wings! I made them a couple of years ago. Didnīt work though......

08 August 2002, 05:13 PM
Dude! If you have prove that you tried to actually fly with this and survived it aswell, you got my vote for the judging! LOL looks great, really DaVinci :thumbsup:

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