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09 September 2004, 08:17 PM
been playing with modo today and i have been trying to test out a workflow within modo where i draw curves onto a dense zbrush model ( using the constrain to bg tool )( id prefer to just draw plain linear verts/edges than curves though.) and then i make polygons from the selected verts.

the way the make polgon tool works now however is that it relies on you selecting a direction of verts so that the polygon can point upward or downward. i think it would be faster if i just plain lasso'd the verts and have the make polygon tool automatically make my polys normal face toward the camera. i could always press F to flip the face if i need later on. its faster to lasso+make+ flip poly than having to manually go and hand pick every vert. plus. most of the time you actually want the polys facing your way anyway. so if i lasso 4 verts it would be nice if the make poly tool was smart enough to automatically make a perfect poly facing toward me. ( and without having to go through the popup menu. doesnt appear to be a way for the popup not to show.

maybe im wrong about this workflow. if anyone has any suggestions to get rid of the popup, or faster ways of generating polys from curves then im open to suggestions. :)

09 September 2004, 08:27 PM
Why not use the pen tool instead of the curve tool? The bg constraint is a tool pipe item, not part of the curve tool.

09 September 2004, 08:52 PM

im using curves because im drawing out the loops i will use from the model. then i use the verts on the curves to make polys. drawing polys using the pen tool doesnt work so well ( unless im missing something here ) because once you make a poly and then use the extend tool to extend polys. the extend tool no longer follows the constrain surface that i want to work ontop of. so this workflow isnt really what im looking for.

i think it would be nice if i could draw verts on the model ( which would be connected by edges.. kind of like splines. but when i would make faces from them. the edges would be a part of the new polygons. i would use the edges to think out edgeloops. and then just lasso a few points and press make poly and poof. made. that way i wouldnt have to worry about curves because in this case the edges would be a part of the model.

brook kievit
09 September 2004, 09:40 PM

read your private messages.

10 October 2004, 12:19 AM
Hellow AW ,
My attempts and experience on this subject.
There are two methods which I tried.
1 -The first was to create vertices in lines of edge loops all over the model. Then selecting them and creating polygons.

2 - Aw method where one draws curves ( upside to this is that its easier to visualize the loops), select points of the curve and create polygons.

The greatest downfall with both methods is that modo cannot organise the verts automatically into a whole polygon. So great time increase in selecting them manually. However this workflow using the above methods also has anumber of other downfalls , with the tools currently present in modo.

1 - The polygon created between verts does not conform to the underlieing mesh, more work to modify or add intermediate polies.
2 - having to pay close attention to verts layout during creation so that all polies are quads. If not alot of work adding vertices and edges in later stages. What makes this harder is that Modo is not equiped with " add curve point tool" as an after process.

All in all its darn slow and counter productive.

The other method I tried , since I'm a user of Paraform, is to use curves and then create patches, soon I found that Modo does not have those facilities ether.At the same time you'd need a tool akin to " Shrink wrap" , to wrap the patches intermediate vertices to the underlieing mesh. So for anyone who is looking to try this , with the current toolset , I don't belive its a wise decision.

However I think this workflow of creating the form and laying the topology as an after process, allowing the modeller to focus on one task at a time , is something that is of immense value.

I'm currently using Paraform to do this , if the creators of modo wish to see a clear demonstration of the process, for future implementation , I'll be happy to create a small video outline the whole process. The reason why it would be great to have it implemented in modo is that you have a host of tools to modify and add to the re - topologised mesh. With paraform I have to skip back and forth between apps:(

BTW if I've over looked something and its possible to perform this method efficently , that I would like to here it:)



10 October 2004, 12:35 AM
let me say that i would definitely be interested in this video. i like to see how other applications handle such things. :)

10 October 2004, 01:05 AM
Ambient : 'P' Creates a polygon without the pop up (Lightwave heritage). Make from the polygon toolbar can also be assigned shortcuts for curve/path/subdiv I guess. All to do with the tool and its parameters.

I was experimenting with the same workflow but found no real advantages over Lightwave or Silo. I've only tried the Silo demo so have no idea about the topology brush. Still need more exercise in Modo.

10 October 2004, 02:37 AM
Hi TVeyes,
Thankyou for the information concerning Silo 1.3 , very interesting. What interesting co-incidence this makes:)

Movie is in the works Aw



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