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09 September 2004, 04:01 PM
Hi, iīm a long time 3dMax user and iīm gettind bald using Zbrush heheheheheheh
īCouse i canīt do the very basics, How do I orbit the camera around the objects??? Canīt find it in the help or the pdf i have donloaded, im rotating the objects to model, but it does not feel very smooth to rotate, sometimes its hard to rotate just a little... and viewing some avi tutorials, i can see no rotate transfom gizmo in the tuts when they rotate de objects.... is that a camera orbiting or the object rotating???

Also, there is something im getting crazy about, when i create a model (dxf import for example) i start editing it, alright, but if i create any other object, i just cant select/pick the last one!!! This is crazy man... iīm feeling down... i cant find the select!!! How do I select an object in the viewport??? I know thus is probably idiotic, but... needed to ask!

09 September 2004, 05:43 PM

To orbit the camera around a object you have to be in edit mode, then siply click (left MB) some empty space in the viewport and drag...

There's always only one object that can be edited at the time. But since the tool itself is constantly being updatet, feel free to do another one in between... press ctrl-n without being in edit mode and clear the canvas... now draw a new one...


09 September 2004, 06:31 PM
Check the F.A.Q ( and Quicklinks ( sections of They explain most of the "newbie" questions and many advanced ones. The most popular question has to be "Why can't I edit my object anymore? (", so you are not alone:)

Try enabling Transform : Local Transformations when modeling, the last point/vertice you edited becomes the center of rotation. For more precise rotation exit Edit mode and enter Transform mode to rotate.

Have fun

09 September 2004, 12:54 AM
ZBrush doesn't really work that way. It's REALLY frustrating when you first try it. You would expect it to behave like any other 3D package, but forget everything you know.

You don't rotate the camera, you rotate your tool. It's "tool-based", and if you're not editing it and you didn't save it, you just left it on the 2D canvas forever.

Just keep watching the Zscripts and it will eventually make sense. I know EXACTLY how you feel...and how could anybody work like this? But you'll get it eventually. Trust me. Hang in there.

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