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08 August 2002, 07:03 PM
Ok, heres the problem.

I have a test radiosity scene from a website in order to fool with radiosity (obviously). But, when I use an HDR image as an image world, the final render is very very dotted. Its splotchy and whatnot.

However, when I use a normal Rla or Jpg formatted image, the image seems to render quite nicely.

*Minor side-note, the only settings that are different between the two images are the surface settings. The blue tinted image does not share the same copper style surface as the second image.*

So, the question Im asking is, is there anything I have to do to the HDR image in order to reduce those splotches? Do I increase the shading noise reduction settings?

Any help is appreciated :)

08 August 2002, 07:37 PM
As i know u can't increase shading noise reduction - u can only ON/OFF it...
Try to get more rays per evolution or even more indirect bounces (if u on LW 7.5). May be the problem in HDRI image, try some HDR from LW content directory...

08 August 2002, 07:42 PM
Argh, this is so annoying! :)

Anyways, Ill do what you suggested, and let you guys know if anything is helped.

Thanks for the tip!

08 August 2002, 09:27 PM
Try blurring your HDRI pic in the Image Viewer.. Spots happen usually if your have a lot of different dynamic range info packed into a small place in your HDRI... (brights next to darks and such) ... so if you don't have a high enough sample point (rays evaluations) you'll get spots. -- In your case though... you'd be able to get by with a slight blur on the HDRI as you are not directly reflecting the environment with your geometry. ---

Hope that made sense... I'm a bit hung over today... :)

08 August 2002, 10:48 PM
I usually take off adaptive sampling in the camera properties..Worth a try...

08 August 2002, 12:43 AM
Hey guys listen, I havent had a chance to try those things out, but once I get around to it, Ill check out those suggestions. :)

Anyone else have any other ideas?

08 August 2002, 05:49 PM
increase AA should solver this problem!!

08 August 2002, 12:38 AM
Someone with the same problem (

Another one ( Another person in that thread had the same problem...

One more.. (

Usually it's a mix of either a poor HDRI image (can be cleared with blur filter sometimes)... or it's an issue with setting up enough rays per evaluation.

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