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09 September 2004, 11:20 AM
hi artists !

i am kinda new to xsi (bought foundation last month) and now i have a really weird problem:

i modeled a face and started the uv-setup... after i had the main uv-work done i reshaped the geometry of the mouth and saved the file.
on the next morning i looked at my model and was really dissatisfied with the mouth. so i loaded up an older version of the mesh with the old mouthshape (but the same uv's as the newer model) and deleted all polygons except of the mouthpolys. on my newer mesh (which had some refinements on the eyes, cheeks etc) i deleted the mouthpolys and merged the two meshes. now i got the new mesh but on the mouth area there is only a flat color... when i look at the uvs in the texture editor while having the "new" mouthpolys selected i see one vertice marked red on the lower left corner of the image. here are some screenshots which show the problem:

(mouthpolys selected)

(mouthpolys unselected)

i am not able to modify this vert(ices) (i think its not only one vert but all the vertices of the moutharea lying on top of each other). neither scaling, nor translating or moving...

does anyone have an idea how to fix this problem and get an accurate uv-setup ?

thanx in advance & best regards

p.s. excuse my crap english ;)

09 September 2004, 05:31 PM
Well it seems like the UV's on the mouth are gone... double check that they weren't preserved in a cluster first by selecting the mouth cluster you should have after merging it.

with the cluster selected open the UV editor, if the uv's are there tag the points copy and then go to the old UV's tag all the collapsed mouth points (which you say are all on top of each other like 1 point) and paste the old uv's. Then delete your mouth cluster so it doesn't overide anything.

Hopefully that'll work. If it doesn't (or you no longer have the cluster) then you'll need to re-unwrap the mouth with some new sub projections. just tag the collapsed point(s) and hit planar best fit in the UV editor (so it's a sub projection) to get you started.

Hope that helps

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