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09 September 2004, 02:27 AM
Hey all. This is a serious question and not meant to put down Modo. But what makes Modo so good and as some people have said, revolutionary? I have watched the vids on luxology's site and they really didn't show me much compared to other 3D apps. I did watch the Piebler (spelling?) video and the extensibilty of the program seems very cool, especially the adaptabilty of the UI. Edge weights seem nice too, but what else is there?

I would have really liked to seen the demo at Siggraph, but as usual there is just too much to see there and you forget quickly. I love sub-d's and I am very intrested in the app, but would like to find out more about its modeling tools.


Dion Burgoyne
09 September 2004, 03:48 AM
Because you can get things done... You can get them done faster, and cleaner and with far less interaction with a programmer.

My personal modeling times went from a week to hours after about 4 weeks of using modo. I have a dozen or so special presets, macro's, and menu's that keep my modeling down to a handful of hotkeys (no pun intended). My base models get completed faster, and raising their resolution, or cleaning up mesh's is something that I have time for, not something that I have to plan for.

Modo is designed around a very simple workflow for the artist, Any action center

- Select any element, Polygons, Edges, Vertex's
- Work with them in any way, From the world axis, That elements normal, the average normal of everything selected, work on one element while using another ones normal, work on each selected element on their individual normals yet simultaniously
- Robust falloffs so you never have to have hard transitions between what your doing and what you've already done
- And any of the action centers working with any of the falloffs with virtually any tool, so you have access to hundreds of thousands of manipulations with only 3 clicks
- Shift Click to continue, instead of creating a row of polygons, then go through a half dozen menu's to do it again, or having to delete polygons that bridged the backside, or have to switch back to sub'ds, or even having to select another cut from a menu, you just have to hold the shift key down and the polygons flow out. And of course it works with any of the creation tools
- The theme is any any any...

My best advice is to watch the video's and keep an eye out for new ones, Brad loves making them so you're definately going to see quite a number of them pop up!

09 September 2004, 05:31 AM
now all i need is a Demo of some sort to test it out. i cannot simply invest based on others opinions.
When is the demo going to be available....

09 September 2004, 06:00 AM
I have a dozen or so special presets, macro's, and menu's that keep my modeling down to a handful of hotkeys (no pun intended).
What, there was a pun in there?

Only kidding. In any case, I would probably think the ability to "create" new tools by combing functions and macros would probably add modo to the most used list for 3d professionals.

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