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09 September 2004, 04:34 AM
As someone who models primarily in NURBS, I have been looking for a good polygonal modeler to augment my toolset (currently using Rhino3D and SolidThinking). One of the tools I rely on are projections (curve-to-plane, curve-to-surface/polysurface, pull curve to surface) and intersections (curve-to-curve, curve-to-surface/polysurface, surface/polysurface-to-surface/polysurface). The closest analog I've seen in most poly packages is snapping. Thus, I would like to ask those that have worked with the product regarding Modo's snapping capabilities:

- Is snapping to surfaces (meshes or polygons) supported?

- Is snapping to edges supported? Mid-edges?

- Is snapping to curves/curve segments supported? Mid-segments?

- Is snapping to arbitrary reference planes supported (this implies that users will be able to setup customized reference or projection planes)?

- Can I orient the reference plane to a polygon/group of polygon/mesh/edge/group of edges/group of points?

- Can I limit snapping to (target) selected points, polygons, surface meshes, curve segments ?

- Can I snap a group of entities (either vertices, edges, polygons, clusters of polygons, curves, at one time?

- What are the other file formats (other than .lwo, .obj, and Maya) will Modo support in the near or far future?

- Is polygon reduction part of the toolset?

- Will Modo support mesh regeneration?

- Is Modo's history stack-oriented (i.e. can I re-order the sequence of events in the history list)?

- Are object intersections supported?

- Can I match the orientation of an object to another object? Can I make the orientation 'sticky' (i.e. as if the object was the reference plane)?

That's it for now. Thank you for your time.

09 September 2004, 05:27 AM
Is there a command line entry for exact cordinates placment in a modeling session?

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