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09 September 2004, 07:04 AM
Well, after almost three weeks, I've finished the initial conversion of my MSA-0011 Superior Gundam head from Rhino NURBS to polygons in Softimage|XSI. It was more of a direct conversion than anything else. However, NURBS meshing is always trial-and-error so that's where most of the delays came. The workflow was something like:

1. Convert NURBS polysurfaces to meshes (in Rhino).
2. Export converted meshes as .OBJ files.
3. Import .OBJ files into Softimage|XSI.
4. Weld unattached border edges.
5. Quadrize meshed (mild polygon reduction).

Here is the source polysurface in Rhino3D:

and here is the converted polygon mesh in Softimage|XSI:

The polygon mesh is around 200,000 polygons- a large number but really less than half of the number of triangles when rendered (as a NURB polysurface) in Rhino OR Softimage. The next step is to rebuild some of the parts that are mostly flat surfaces (around 75,000 ploygons) which will drastically reduce the polygon count of the mesh.

So far, I like the polygon tools in XSI (haven't really played around with SDS but have mucked with local subdivision and geometry approximation settings) and will probably purchase it though I still want to demo MODO's polygonal tools and workflow. My only real issue is the lack of polygon reduction tools in XSI|Foundation.

I'm finding polygonal modeling to be a real challenge. I think this is because I'm so used to my (NURBS modeling) workflow which calls for a lot of curve projections and surface intersection operations. Any suggestions/resources/materials on how to do mechanical/solid modeling using polygons (and polygonal tools)?

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