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09 September 2004, 01:58 AM

Ok im having some big troubles with the maya software renderer. I ve been trying to render a pretty big interior scene but have had no luck. Alittle info on the scene. There are models that were imported in from their own file, and there are spot lights with light fog on. If i render in a low to medium quality with no shadows or raytrace on it will render just fine, rather quickly. If i turn on some depth map shadows, raytracing at low quality, and bump it up to production quality nothing happens. I ve tried rendering over night several times to no avail, and even tried to render on dual processor super computers at school, that didnt work either. Ive tried rendering with render layers, and render layers with layer passes. Nothing works:banghead:

At school when i render the scene in different layers it says that it rendered, but when i check the iffs in fcheck its either black, or black with the words "broken pipe" in the upper left hand corner:shrug:

Does it have to do with the way i imported the other objects maybe?

Anyone else have a problem like this?

Any help would be totally awesome:buttrock:


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