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09 September 2004, 12:05 PM
hello!... a topic I've talk about regularly, but without great sucess!... anyway, maybe here on cgtalk... for still pictures, the main problem seems always for me to re-work the zbrush mesh as much as necessary... so in most of my professional workflow, I began to translate zbrush in nurbs, to be able to perform after all the nurbs operations, trim and split, and other sophisticated booleans... I've written some tutorials on that question, the most complete in french, on the carrara french forum... it seems that I'm alone, on that trail, and I don't understand why, as reworking the zbrush tool that way seems to me very positive... maybe if someone is interested, it's possible to go on further on that nurbs question... I join the rhino screen... on the left, the imported mesh, and near the patchs... the main command is "polyligne on mesh", then with 4 polyligne you can create the nurbs patch... after, it's like paper and scissors, you cut as you want, and loft the same...

09 September 2004, 12:09 PM
and here, I export the 3 elements: in 1, the original mesh; in 2, the patch; you can see that the surface, although being much lighter in weight, is totally near of the mesh... in 3, the patch has receive some (quick) nurbs operations, booleans and other... I use that too, to make groups before exporting the scene to render, cutting the parts that I want to have a different material... with the upcoming of Brazil from splutterfish integrated in rhino, the whole workflow, from z to brazil, seems a very interesting solution...

09 September 2004, 06:48 AM
Hi marcel,

it seems you have found a unique solution and work flow, perhaps a wider audience would come from an english version of your tutorials? I for one would like to read them but most online translators pretty much suck at translating the intention of the person writing the tutorials. Alot gets messed up and makes no sense sometimes when trying to use a translator.

A suggestion only....I would like to see and understand your way of using these different apps a bit better as I like the way you are able to minimize yet achieve incredible results!! And my brain doesn't quite work that it needs some or all the ideas it can get on paper!!

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