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09 September 2004, 12:00 PM
I'm given a task to create a piece of concept art about a Green city. Green meaning a balance of nature elements and power but it must reflect the feeling of nature more than the elements. So I would like to hear your critiques about my proposal and how I can improve it to fullfil the requirements of a Green city.
Project Aden - Story

The story was held in a fantasy world where a diversity of races such as humans, elves, and spirits co-exist. This world was called Aden. It is a world where the four sacred elemental crystals of Fea maintain the balance of the world.

These five sacred elemental crystals existed only in a place where concentrated elemental energy of the five elements was abundant in different lands and regions in Aden. Housing these crystals were shrines and cities built by spirits. The inhabitants of Aden called the spirit cities Fea. Only spirits inhabit Fea and protect the crystals. Legend has it that when someone departs from Aden from death, his or her spirit and soul will return to Fea. The spirit cities were scattered throughout different regions of Aden according to the compass, fire on the south, water on the west, wind on the east, earth on the north and spirit, life force itself were scattered across Aden.

Now, Aden is in peril when the crystals start to loose their shine and energy. This rare phenomenon only occurs once every five hundred years except for the spirit crystals that have limitless energy due to their natural geographic placement in Aden. In order to restore and rejuvenate the four elemental crystals, the essences of the spirit crystals were needed.

Only four skilled warriors from each element were chosen to embark on this journey. The warriors are Maskan Rill of fire, Valyrin Niar of water, and Lieth Sul of air and Var Seorsa of earth. Their quest might not be an easy task because they have to journey in search of the spirit crystals across Aden and encounter numerous obstacles such as demons, dragons, dark elves, mystical beasts and other celestial beings that guard the spirit crystals in the depths of Aden.

As for the character profile, I'll be posting it up soon. Thank you.

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