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02 February 2002, 04:08 PM
Hi - we are curently deciding between using Max4 bones or character studio for games developement...I was just wondering if anyone has any views on the strengths and weaknesses of each...and on ballance which is best to go for (bearing in mind that animation will be keyframed).

Things I already know:

- FOR BIPED: Biped is faster for re-skinning/rigging a model if the modeler changes the mesh once animation has begun.

- FOR BIPED: Motion flow allows for easy combining of animation sequences.

- FOR BIPED: Animations are re-usable.

- AGAINST BIPED: CS does allot of things 'it's own way'...and given that the CS source code is closed it is hard to make NON-buggy exporters for the animation (as the programmer is working blind).

Any additional views or points I havent hit upon would be greatly appreciated.

02 February 2002, 03:14 AM
Against Biped - NO FCURVES!

For Biped - Great weight balancing and other kinematic tools

Against Biped - Tough to customize the bone set... you can't break their hierarchy should you wish to add bones.

For Biped - Incredibly easy to save/load animation sequences through BIP files... a lot tougher with custom bones/IK setups.

For Biped - Easy to transfer animation from one skeleton to the next.

Against Biped - Max's new IK is really easy to use and you'll have more control if you set it up correctly.

Against Biped - $1000 x Number of seats

Against Biped - Can't put controllers other than TCB on biped parts... true, you can IKBlend targets to limbs, but there are a lot ways that Biped breaks the Max's systems.

um, thats all i can think of.


For Biped - Build in Mocap tools. Pretty good ones at that, but without fcurves, hard to smooth stuff out.


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