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09 September 2004, 12:33 PM
Hello, since the zbrush CG forum has just opened and some people may be new; like my self

I thought I would help some people out. I have only been using zbrush for about 3 days but I will share the links and tutorials I have found which helped me out a lot.

First of all there is:

3dbuzz provides very good basic overviews of the older zbrush, it doesn't really reflect on zbrush v2 but it still has the basic concept. It will help you understand how the program works rather than where everything is at.

NOTE: 3dbuzz requires a star to download video tutorials, its a good thing to have even if your not downloading anything. I'm a suporter of the buzz family and all you need to do is be an active member of the forums and website to obtain that star.

second of all there is:

Digital tutors is a new website I found which has been growing very fast. As far as I know its very new. Its mainly based for zbrush and maya users. The tutor is very talented and in some ways its better than 3dbuzz. They are practical tutorials rather than just theory like most of 3dbuzz's work. Its a very good zbrush resource and its proberly the best video tutorial provider for the program I have seen so far. I might buy there DVD and see what there photoshop stuff is like. But atm I'm not sure because it does seem very basic. Even zbrush does not go full inscale about how to make an uber l33t model.

third of all:

zbrush central is a massive forum, it has some very experiance artist on it and its a good idea to go on the forums. For refresh go on the website and just simpily serch for the word tutorial. You will find many tutorials posted over the past. They where a lot of them that helped me out. Its proberly not a good idea posting every question under the sun because it will just anoy people. Try to be more independant.

Thats about all I know so far. As I said its only been a couple of days. Maybe everyone else can post there favorite zbrush resources. I hope this has helped.

Thanks, hope this helped some people.

09 September 2004, 01:02 PM
Just to clarify about digital tutors, they're primarily a Maya site. The zbrush tutorials were only put up about a month or less ago. They have intentions to make their own dvd for zbrush, along with other free zbrush tutorials. So keep a look out in the future for some interesting zbrush tutorials.

09 September 2004, 02:25 PM
This isn't really a resource but just a general tip for Silo users out there...when exporting your .obj files from Zbrush make sure you have the GRP option turned off in the tools/export options. When this option is on it will make each zsphere you use separate objects so when you import into Silo each section of the model be it an eye, mouth, ear will be separate and hard to work with. Also, this causes a strange result upon subdivision if you merge the objects together. So, with GRP off the model is exported as one model that can be edited in Silo and makes for easier use of the topology brush. I'm pretty sure this would apply for any other 3d package out there you may import to. Sorry if this is common knowledge to but I know that was bugging me for some time before I found out how to fix it! :)


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