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09 September 2004, 09:12 PM
Hello! I was posting all the day in the thread "zbrush forum is alive"... go to it, I have 2 pictures interesting (well, I think so, anyway...) Happily, a moderator tell me it was the wrong place... (no, it's a joke)... not so good... well, some of you have maybe see the first modelling of that character on the portail of zbrush... here is the color picture... done with nearly a single mazterial, and more or less the same color... not a lot of things, in fact...

Roger Eberhart
09 September 2004, 09:55 PM

I really like the wood texture you achieved in the "weapon" pic you posted to the "zbrush forums is alive" thread. Can you post a closer look of the tail end of the cannon. Also, any suggestions on how you achieved the texture would be appreciated.

I'm interested in using zbrush for textures for my game models. The trick would be to not let them look too realistic. You always manage to achieve a painterly look from Zbrush. Any tips on this? Are you just painting over the zbrush renders to get that look?



09 September 2004, 09:59 PM
thank you, roger... and no, I don't (usually) paint over the render, but before: in other words,the colors are applied on the geometry before the render, and more geometry is added on the color, to match the color areas... this is different from bump... you can see in the 3d forum: green elves, which explain that process... it('s a very powerful process by zbrush, in 3
d or in 2,5, aka pixols... I'll try to find time for a tutorial here, ar translate one of mine from the french forum!... if you want, please, get a glance to green elves, there is a sort of "step by step" of that...

09 September 2004, 10:06 PM
here is some details of the texture of weapon...

Roger Eberhart
09 September 2004, 11:20 PM
I looked at your greenelves thread. I have a question. When you paint the 2d stage in some other program, like Photoshop or Painter, then bring it back to Zbrush for lighting and materials, how are you preserving the 2.5D info?



09 September 2004, 06:38 AM
Hi Marcel
every time you surprise me.:eek:
Yestreday night, in the deep of night, because i don't know you, but all my work start and finish with my head on top of the Wacom, i've seen a some your tut about your workflow ZBRUSH-PHOTOSHOP-ZBRUSH, but i've a question:
if i try with an obj not made in Zbrush but imported, not matter which UV mapping i do (AUV, GUV.....) in the PMASTER the result is always an unclear texture.
Then i suppose you are using most often native obj, or not.
I hope this sounds for you.
P.S Could you give your "green elves" tut link, because i've searched but nothingh found:)

P.S.The shadow is not real, you need a more FOV, added a volumetric light, the body is'nt correct around the shoulder, and this man can't do a walk cycle and i don't see almost one reflection with HDRI wit a rays bouncing almost 1 month to calculate this pic............:rolleyes:


09 September 2004, 07:19 AM
Roger, the 2,5 info are part of zbrush, you don't alter it by importing color; basically it's the samle than painting inside zbrush (which I do often)... Leo: yes, if you import object, the result with projection master will be often frustrating... in fact, if it is a solid, "waterproof", and with the help of the "weld" option in import palette (push the slider to a big value, then reimport the same object) it will be ok; after, choose a size of texture, then go to texture and press uvtiles, as usual... ok... unfortunely, when modelling outside, it's very boring to do such solids form... for me, who works always ijn nurbs, for ewample, it's always like sheet of paper... no way to use projection master: if you plan to render out of zbrush, you have to edit uv coordonates, the hard way... if you plan to stay in zbrush to render, so snapshot, and paint as youi want on it... no more problem!... I do a lot of stuff that way, and the guy in superheroe is like that, textured in 2,5; but that picture is a technique I use more and more: the ztool , once modelled, is exported in not so much polys in the render used (for me carrara3); the tool is adjusted in the scene, and receive a very broad, procedural color... once rendered, i render in zbrush the same character, very subdivided and reworked in 2,5, and textured directly, by direct application... then the 2 renders are composited... one of the most stupid things, in my opinion, is to get after ONE render! don't understand who has found that rule on the sinai... most of the time, even in carrara, I do 2 or 3 rendersof the same scene, to "mix" all of them at the end... I'm posting something to explain to you... friendly.M.

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