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09-09-2004, 04:20 PM
This is the best site to learn the workflow between z brush 2 and maya in terms of
displacement mapping and mental ray. (

09-09-2004, 04:47 PM
That is the one I keep at the top of my bookmarks. Your right. It is probably the best. :wip:

09-09-2004, 04:54 PM
lol. I didn't see the link in the image, so my first responce was wtf?!?! this post makes no sense.

But yes, that does look like an excellent tut. Thx. (Its also in the zbrush practical guide)

09-10-2004, 10:57 AM
I found this tutorial pretty helpful in getting started with using Dmaps in Maya (from Zbrush). That said I did have a bit of trouble getting the detail I wanted from the maps. I rendered out the 3 maps at 4096 but Maya/Mray still seemed to lose a LOT of the detail. Does anyone know how to get this detail back into the render? :shrug:

All I can work out is to use the medium Dmap as a bump map.



09-11-2004, 01:36 AM
Thanks Guys - I am the author of that tutorial.....feel free to ask any questions you may have.

09-11-2004, 07:22 AM
Is it posible you have filtering terned on for the file ? or having it filtering to high ? That would be my guess as I don't think there is that low a limet on the texture res.

09-11-2004, 08:13 AM
Check your tessellation settings for the displacement map as well.

09-12-2004, 09:02 AM
Thanks Guys - I am the author of that tutorial.....feel free to ask any questions you may have.
I dont have any questions, just wanted to say muchos graciaos thankus you for putting up
the tutorial it was really ... REALLY usefull when i first got z brush 2 :thumbsup:


09-12-2004, 12:41 PM
After a late night (4am) of trying to work out what I had missed out and why the model lacked detail… I woke up this morning and worked it out. Instead of the Subdivision Surface Quality – Min Subdivisions being set to 2 I set it to 5 and now it works a lot better.

I’m not quite sure what the little black anomalies are though on the render. Possibly it’s the UVs.


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