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09 September 2004, 01:58 PM
By madeinuterus
Posted Sep 9, 3:00 am EST

Welcome to the cgtalk sketch group.

We will try to post one of these topics once a day for your enjoyment.

These are the rules:
* Post only your FINAL piece on this thread, based on the topic on the thread.
* 640 x 480 / 480 x 640 OR 800 x 600 /600 x 800
* They can be done on any medium.
* If you wish, you can add a brief text description about your piece.
* Only original compositions. No "tributes" or plagiarizing.
* The topics will be posted every day between 10:00 - 12:00 am US EST.
* The artist also has to post total length of time it took (Thanks Clanger for the idea) and program used.
* Only final pieces can be posted on the thread. They must have been done AFTER the topic has been announced.
* Any piece caught breaking the rules will be taken off the thread.
* The topics will be picked at random from the list on this thread
(The author will be given credit). So guys keep them coming.
*You can add multiple entries, but please dont post WIP (Unless you intend to update them). NEW RULE!
* Ill post ANOTHER thread to quantify and track WHO has participated the most on these threads.

Good luck

PS To submit your topic ideas and suggestions go to this thread:
>>Link<< (

09 September 2004, 02:55 PM
There has been a lot of Daily Sketch topics that are phrases. They are too narrow in subject even tho you can draw almost anything. But usually (at least to me) these phrase-topics make the entries cartoony and the idea is to be funny.

I'd rather sketch on something like "christmas", "silence", "when the dawn comes..", etc.
Anybody agree?

09 September 2004, 03:05 PM
i agree that a lot of the topics have a tendency to call for some humor... but something like "christmas" or "sielnce" sound way too general :| anyways, have you tried suggesting stuff like that in the suggestion thread?

09 September 2004, 03:20 PM
I agree most subjects, over the whole line, call for cartoony sketches, while it's always possible imo to take a realistic approach to any subject. I kinda liked the "less cartoony" topics last week, and some of this week that asked for a more realistic approach.

And I also like subjects that are really general (like silence for example) because you can approach it in any way you like, and people come up with lots of different interpretations.

Somehow when there's a subject that could be interpreted as being funny, its hard not to take that route. Subjects like "battle angel" or "The road not taken" simply demanded a more realistic approach. And obviously a lot of people in here like doing cartoony stuff. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Its just a matter of style. I find that I like to switch around a lot, not sticking to anything in particular.

All in all, I think some regular change in the type of subjects helps to keep everybody happy. So Im basically on both sides, but a bit more "realistic" and/or "general" stuff would keep me happy.

09 September 2004, 03:49 PM
anyways, have you tried suggesting stuff like that in the suggestion thread? I did, and some people agreed there. Funny pictures just aren't really my thing.

Supervlieg: I agree on the "silence" thing but do you think people in here like to draw funny topics or do funny topics attract people who like to draw them? :shrug:

09 September 2004, 04:51 PM
I know I haven't posted that often although I have meant to; I feel that humorous phrases give those who are not artistically endowed a chance to post something that can get responses. Isn't hope of recognition what most people post for? Anyway I know this is going in the direction of being "out of thread topic" so this is my place holder for a quickie tonight...
not done yet but as the rules say you can post as long as you finish it right?

09 September 2004, 04:53 PM
i agree that a lot of the topics have a tendency to call for some humor...
I usually treat the sketch topic as the punchline to a joke, but that's just the way I think. If I were a very depressed person I'd probably draw many bleak pictures. It's all in how you look at it, and may take a few more minutes of brainstorming. Example:
"Who hid all the monkeys?" (topic just reeks of sillyness)

funny -- man poking around in a box of animal crackers for the monkeys

sad/thought provoking -- a reminder of the plight facing endangered species, featuring a jungle where all the trees have been cut down

A topic is just a group of words. Y'all provide the context when you draw the picture.

09 September 2004, 04:59 PM hee hee

15 seconds browser

09 September 2004, 05:02 PM
lol..GREAT IDEA POOBY!!:thumbsup:

09 September 2004, 06:19 PM
"Curiously enough, the only thing that went through the mind of the bowl of petunias as it fell was Oh no, not again."

photoshop 1.5 hrs

09 September 2004, 06:50 PM
Nice entries so far, pooby and docboom!!!
I'll see if I can get some time to participate on this sketch later...


CG TALK DAILY SKETCH 100!:eek: comming up close now I wonder what super-cool subjet will be for that one!?:D
I think the "Paint a CGtalk member would've made a nice Daily Sketch 100... can't think of something to top that one right now... I hope Roberto Ortiz is planning something wicked awesome for that one.

09 September 2004, 08:06 PM
quickie today. been busy lately

15-20min / photoshop / wacom

great idea pooby. made me laugh.
DocBoom cool pic. Did the spaceship drop them? Is that a whale floating out there? ... very surreal.

09 September 2004, 08:29 PM
Not that again - photoshop , around 1h30

pooby> lol dude , nice idea :D
DocBoom> Very strange pic , but nice
MustardWash> Funny pic man , good work :)

09 September 2004, 08:41 PM

you guys really need to read more... start with hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy by douglas adams, for example ;)

09 September 2004, 09:09 PM
15 mins Photoshop.. Nobody likes it when a cat flies out of their arm...

09 September 2004, 09:14 PM
Opencanvas/Wacom/40 Minutes

Pooby (2nd): Great one, I like that style a lot! Excellent sketching.
Goul: He needs some blue light in its face to top it off.
Mustardwash: Heh. I know the feeling.
DocBoom: Where's Marvin? The whale could have looked more suprised though. Nice rendering.
Pooby: lol!

09 September 2004, 09:35 PM
Hehe nice idea Supervlieg :thumbsup:
And thx for the crits , i've updated mine

09 September 2004, 10:12 PM
Comic subject begets comic response.

09 September 2004, 10:15 PM
Hehe, I feel your pain, Dargon. :)

09 September 2004, 10:50 PM
Dargon :applause:

09 September 2004, 11:42 PM
paranoid schizophrenia crisis.. NOT THAT AGAIN!!

2h15, photoshop, no reference. decided to go b&w for once.
funny entries so far!

09 September 2004, 11:42 PM
Today was my first school so depressing restart once again!!Luckly theres this great forum!!
Not that again!
ps + wacom - about 3 hrs

Everyday she looks into the water hopin her aspect could change....but it won't!
I know that is not that good but this is the first time i render the sun light and the water.

docboom - nice pic man!love the impact of the light.
MustardWash - Haha thats funny. really like ur entry!
Goul - lol..hoped that wouldnt happen to me while i was painting!GREAT one!
pooby - Just wonderful!I was wonderin how would it be coloured.
Supervlieg - Cool!!U have always a great style dude!!
Dargon - Another really funny pic there..Lovely!!
Drumwhore - Great lighting...Absolutely great!!

09 September 2004, 12:05 AM
Hi ;) Drew with pencil and watercolor touch up in photoshop... mmm 1 hour i think.. i spent a lot on pencil though.. hehe trying to not make roughy lines.. haha :D
Love ur entry drumwhore! hehe

09 September 2004, 12:34 AM
A non humorous approach...

Stop violence against women.
Not that again

Photoshop, 40 minutes

09 September 2004, 01:37 AM
Here's my first entry into the daily sketches. I won't be doing these EVERY day but I definately think it would be fun to join in.

40 minutes / Photoshop

09 September 2004, 02:51 AM
Heres my go and i definately feel that observing everyones aft for the past few months have really helped me improve.

although this image is nothing special I feel i have accomplished some small personal goals.

Everyone seemed to have a funny idea for this one but I couldnt really think of anything, I guess im not funny.

About 50 mins in photoshop

09 September 2004, 03:03 AM
Tried to make up for such a rush job yesterday...about 2 hours in Photoshop with Wacom.

09 September 2004, 03:05 AM
bigxer, you ARE funny - your post is very humorous...unless of course you have actually BEEN the victim of an alien abduction! In that case, your sketch would be rather more somber. :)

09 September 2004, 03:22 AM'm really starting to love openCanvas1.1 too much...

40 min - openCanvas1.1

(I was gonna put a greenpeace-balloon there, too...but yeah...)
So now I DID put the greenpeace-balloon there....and some guys
into the cockpit section....add about 30minutes

70min therefore...still really happy about it! :)
...I kept rendering this a little more detailed and stuffed it into my website...
High Resolution Version (

09 September 2004, 03:26 AM
I was gonna start with my usual approach to the blank canvas, but said "not that again" and did exactly what i never [have the guts to] do. Start without knowing what I'm aiming for, don't use sketch lines, use different colors... the resulting image is hideous and painful to look at, but felt I needed to complete the exercise posting it anyways, so, sorry if it blinds you!


Sir Patroclo

09 September 2004, 03:53 AM

Great stuff Taron and Drumwhore, but for humour Dargon and Supervlieg take the cake ;)

09 September 2004, 03:56 AM
bigxer, you ARE funny - your post is very humorous...unless of course you have actually BEEN the victim of an alien abduction! In that case, your sketch would be rather more somber. :)
lol, no thats not never happened to me at least not that i can remember but every know and then you meet certain people who make you think what the heck happened to these people.

There was this creepy kid in my color class today who was acting all weird and asting the teacher what his favourite color was and then told everyone he loved the color green. Who does that?......aliens?

09 September 2004, 04:27 AM
hi all, first time in the daily sketch for me! wow drumwhore awsome, and taron, you keep getting better'n better,
about 2.5 hours photoshop

09 September 2004, 05:15 AM
Well.... I had what I thought was an okay idea, but my hand is being very lazy today.

It was going to be in a kitchen, with a wife saying something like "Guess what we're having for dinner tonight..." But, laziness and sloppiness prevailed, and this is the result. Yeah it's a mess, but I thought I'd just post it anyway. PS7/openCanvas/15 minutes I guess.

09 September 2004, 07:00 AM
Aprox 1 hour. Photoshop, Mouse. Some reference used.
Don't you just hate it, when this happens?
Keeping up with the comedy approach as you can see...

09 September 2004, 07:33 AM

yeah so, whenever i cant think of something to paint, i just paint a disembodied head from the front with lighting from the top, and then i think "dammit not that again."
so yeah, i was doing a lot of chatting whilst painting this, so im going to say about:
1.5-2 hours :: painter 7 :: wacom

09 September 2004, 10:17 AM
Painter and Phshop. 1h45m

I'm not exactly a Hulk fan, but I recently watched the DVD :)
hmm... I can see some influence by Joe Madureira...not intentional.

Great sketches everyone!

09 September 2004, 11:56 AM
CgTalk Daily Sketch 96: "NOT THAT AGAIN!"
ps cs / 1.5 hour

SixFootCow: nice pose. lovely idea.

pooby(1st): hide the monkey again?:) not that again~great pic.

DocBoom: Beautiful colour!

MustardWash: fun! good idea with the robot!

sorry for time is running, i have to go.I'll say more about the other wonderful pieces later.bye~


Goul: nice idea.

pooby(2nd): good drawing! the cat looked lovely.

Supervlieg: holy excellent concept! I love it!

Dargon: sorry can't see your pic.

Drumwhore: great expression and lighting!

-Andy-: nice pic and concept.will you add some amount of glow at the sunlight?

DreamMaster: love the pose~good pic.

McOwen: good concept and I think a room in darkness would be more touching.

Tempest811: nice work and enjoy~

thebigxer: I think "not that again" could be a serious topic but not only for fun. we can just sketch out our feeling.

robinayles: cool~ stop that alarm please~:)

Taron333: so beautiful but the birds are poor.:sad:

Sir Patroclo: nice color. it looks like a painting of expressionism.

Rasdasa: sorry can't see your pic.

cpaulson: interesting concept~

Andyman: nice concept~

zem: good work but I love them~

NoPancakeMix: impressive colour. nice work~

Art2: fun! maybe it will be one of a scene in Hulk2. and good drawing.

elmasfeo: great story! good work!

rOmerO: nice and impressive pic.

Alice: lovely!

andrewley: sorry can't see your pic.

09 September 2004, 01:17 PM
Nice one, art2, great expressions!
Mustardwash, that was funny, hehehe, made me laugh

I was also thinking in doing something related to going back to school like rasdasa, but then I thought that i hadn't done any sketch with robots, so... here it is:

When the robot lost his leg, he fell to the ground and thought "well, I will have to get it fixed", so he restarted his way hoping on the other leg. But the leg wasn't designed for the full weight of the robot hoping on it, so after a while it broke. The robot looked at it from the floor and thought "oh, please, not again"

09 September 2004, 03:08 PM
Open Canvas 1.1, 1h

09 September 2004, 09:01 PM

oh well, heres my ewok :)

09 September 2004, 09:21 PM
Drumwhore and Alice - Nice pics!

Painter - wacom - 1.5hours

09 September 2004, 09:37 PM
*sigh* Andrew I love your interpretations and style.

09 September 2004, 11:06 PM
Alice, love it!

09 September 2004, 01:17 AM
Yeah, Andrewley, your stuff is great.

Really talented.

Good job!


09 September 2004, 08:22 AM
Solothores and majofo - cheers guys!

09 September 2004, 12:59 PM
Thanks andrew and art2!

09 September 2004, 10:19 PM
Logao,I am glad u like afraid i wont add anythink on the picture cuz this is just a sketch.Next time ill use your suggestion..Thx man

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