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09 September 2004, 01:37 AM
Hi all

You can download my last animation here:




09 September 2004, 06:45 AM
It's funny I'm just remaking my last animation session about phone call acting !

Overall, your animation is really good ! great timings, great expressions. may be just a little short and I feel it miss something at the end like hang up the phone.
Great work ! I will love to make as well as you made it ...

09 September 2004, 02:03 AM
Ok, finaly got a chance to watch it. Not bad, good stuff. First, Y does he jump in the scene? The jump makes him look happy: (Look at me. Weeeeee...) Try making him run to the phone, maybe if his in such a hurry to answer the phone that he drops it. A funny littel gag, that will atrack the audience. Him jumping in to the scene, does not connect him with anything, that has to do with the dialog or what hapens in the scene. When the character talks on the phone make him walk around, or pace, some kind of action. There are times were he is completly still, maybe shift his weight around. Abviously the person on the phone tell him something bad? When he freaks out and tosses the phone in the air. Right? Add a little aniticipatian that something bad is about to happen. Then BOOM the bad. When his reaction hapens and he tosses the phone, then he catches it. Make him strugle to catch it a little. When a person just got shocked, theyr motor skills are not that good expecially when it comes to catching things. The intent is to robotic: (Jump in scene, crab phone, say hello). Its to expected have fun with it thorw in some gags. Plus I have never seen anyone handle a phone like that unless they were jugling it. At the end. End it with him hanging up the phone and walking out. That way you have a clean exit. You have a great exrcise on your hands play with it, experiment and have fun.. :thumbsup:

Good luck :bounce:

09 September 2004, 07:42 AM
Hey!! :D

Nice day...monday...
Well, Demilliac, I remember read this animation session of the phone call, but I canīt participate, because I donīt have time to make it...itīs a good idea this animation sessions!!...good idea the end like hang up the phone,thanks!!!!...great C&C....well, yes the presentation of the character is too fast and the audience say WOW!..what happens!!...he is completly still because I think there arenīt time to make more animation, because he receive the bad notice fast, he donīt speak with the telephonist for a large time, he only listen and know? , the part that he catch the telephone is a good observation, yes the catch is too perfect he can try to catch the telephone for more time... :thumbsup: , and you say "End it with him hanging up the phone and walking out".yes I think the final part is incompletely to...I prove some of you hanging up phone...or he fall down on the floor...mmmh, I donīt know... :) .Thank for your comments again...yes I have to experiment!!!

More C&C here!!

Isaak ;)

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