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09-03-2004, 06:51 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/gallerycrits/77730/77730_1094194315_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/gallerycrits/77730/77730_1094194315.jpg)

Title: Machineflesh Entry
Name: Panu Uomala

This image was entered for the Machineflesh Challenge. You can see the full entry here (http://www.cgnetworks.com/challenge/machineflesh/entry.php?challenger=3213).

09-06-2004, 09:59 AM
wow~~~~your fancy is unlimited~:thumbsup:

09-06-2004, 03:12 PM
The whales reclaim the skies!! great concept. the WARNING sign makes it. good job on the grunge/trash look. lighting is excellent. keep it up!

09-06-2004, 03:35 PM
nice concept... i love the colors and the mood!!!

09-07-2004, 09:07 PM
thanks people !

already waiting for the next challenege to be announced
and my new computer to be delivered so we can compete again !

*flicks visor down and lowers lance , spurs warhorse into action*

09-08-2004, 02:41 AM
Beautiful colors and nice conceive.

good work.

09-08-2004, 02:56 AM
this is awesome, i love it. :D

09-23-2004, 02:21 PM
Hi Squibbit,
Congrats to the CG Choice Award. You really deserved it. You've got a very impressive work here and I am still very curious what is written on the note in the lower right edge of your picture ;)


02-01-2005, 01:50 PM
Nice picture you have made here Squibbit. :thumbsup: Congrats on the choice award! Oh and tell the maintainence guy to fix that light!

02-21-2005, 03:46 AM
Your theme and color selection and your way of presentation is superb ........ Gr8 job and good patience ...... :-)

11-17-2005, 07:50 PM
WOW! Havenīt seen this one, man! Congrats! Wonderfull pic!

11-24-2005, 11:30 PM
I just want to say that i love your style.

And of course.. this Image is Awesome fu:twisted:ing great!
To bad i missed this challenge..:sad:

Just wanted to leave my respect on this!
Great Work Panu!
Your Friend Alex

11-25-2005, 08:42 AM
Hey thanks , dudes, nice to see people still dropping by to see this.


02-17-2006, 09:35 AM
Yes! Superb concept, really inspiring. Reminds me of elements of Halflife2 and Matrix, but is still completely original. Well done

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02-17-2006, 09:35 AM
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